Broken Heart SMS in English Only

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: May 09, 2015
Who like to be falling apart…? No, never, this world will come first in our mind. Because there is no one in the world who wants to fall apart with whom they love. If there is true love there is no doubts of falling apart but sometimes situation is not in our hand, not everything going as we want or as we like. Not everyone has to pass from broken heart but the truth is, not every love story has happy ending. We try our best to save our relation but there is one side who truly want to save this relation and there is another side who wants to come out from the relation, how sad it is. But it’s good to end that relation if there is nothing feels like love neither to stretch that relation. team has bring you fresh collection of Broken Heart SMS in English Only, express your feeling and stay strong.

Broken heart sms in english for boyfriend/ girlfriend

I might hv erased Ur txts bt I wl nvr 4get wht U Wrote
V mght hv Stppd Tlkng bt I wl nvr 4get Ur Voice
V mght hv Stppd Huggng bt I wl nvr 4get hw U Smell
Anythng we did, I wl nvr 4get..

Don’t be too Confident when some1 tells U they love you.
The Real Question is, until when? Because Just Like Seasons, People Change!!

Y do I love some1 who dsn’t love me in retrn?
Y do I cry over som1 who dn’t hurt me?
Y do I alwaz think abt him, if he nvr thought abt me?
Y do I alwaz wait 4 him, if he nvr waited 4 me?

The Pain is not on d Day of Missing our Dear 1s.
The Pain is Really when U Live Without Them &
With their Presence in Ur Mind..

“The Truth is that it Hurts, because its Real.
It Hurts because it Mattered.
And that’s an Important thing 2 Acknowledge to Urself”.

I wish U knew How much I Like U.
How much I Love Talking 2 U.
And How much I wish u were Mine.

Its Better 2 Break Ur Own Heart by Leaving,
Rather than Having that Person Break Ur Own Heart 
Every day You’re with Them.

Having a Broken Heart is Like Having Broken Ribs.
On the Outside U Look Fine, but Every Breath Hurts.

When U Said dat V wld be 2gether ever 
I thought Dat Ment  Until V Died but……
I guess 4ever isn’t as Long as it Used 2 be… Is It?

How do I Mend a Broken heart?
My Entire World has Fallen Apart.
Hw do Find Hope in a Brand New Day,
When d One I Love has Gone away?


Broken heart quotes for whatsapp status

D Hardest thing about Realizing U don’t Love Me,
Is dat U Spent so much time Pretending that U did..!

I don’t know Y they call it Heartbreak.
It Feels Like every other Part of My Body is Broken too.

”Never Gives Ur Permanent Feelings for Temporary Person…”

”It’s Sad when Some1 Appear in Ur Life and be Part of it,
Then Suddenly Disappear…..”

The Worst Way to Love Some1 is to Sit Next to them,
Knowing They don’t Love U Back…

Boundaries R Necessary so Dat U cn Protect Urself,

Bcz 1ce U r Broken, U’ll Never b Fully Fixed..

Relationship r Never Dies a Natural Death,

They are always been Murdered

Sometimes We Waste too much Time 2 Think abt Some1

That doesn’t Think abt Us 4 a Second

Ice Melts when Heated, Eyes Melts when Cheated..

A Broken Heart Never Heals,

We Just Learn To Live With the Pain..

Best quotes on broken heart with love

Like Ice Melts Into Rain,
Sometimes Love Turns Into Pain..!

The Only Person I Truly Cared 4 Left Me with a Broken Heart!

I Never Thought it would be so Hard 2 Stay Away 4m U..

I Tried to Stop Thinking about U.. I Failed!

I Love U and It’s Killing Me….!

Now It’s back to the Way We Started.

Trying 2get Some1 is Like Trying 2 Remember Some1 U Never Met.

I Never Thought Things would End Up this Way,
U Gone & My Heart Broken..! 

One Day You’ll Realize that I was the One…

What do U do when,
The One who BROKE Ur Heart,
Is the ONLY One who can Fix..?

Broken heart messages for him/ her

I hv alwaz been Afraid of Losing People I Love,
Bt Sometimes I keep asking Myself,
Is dere Any1 who is Afraid of Losing Me Too?? 

Never Get Too Attached 2 any1,
Unless dey also Feel d Same 2wards U,
Because 1 Sided Expectations can Mentally Destroy U..

I’ll Continue My Love even if My Love Fails coz,
How would I Hate d Heart which made Me 2 Love more than My Life!

Never Enjoy Hurting the One who Loves U a lot,
They can Bare the pain U give but U can’t Bare If they Reduce Love 4 U…

There r Times when We have 2 Stop Loving Some1,
Not coz We Start Hating them but coz We Realize that,
They wud be much Happier if We Let Them Go…

Most Difficult Situation in Life comes when U have to,
Convince Urself That U don’t Like Some1 whom U Love more than Urself.

No Matter How Beautifully U Behave With People Around U..
They will Love U According to Their Need & Mood..!

The Weakest Part of a Relation comes when,
One of the Person has to give Explanation to Prove the Trust!

Never Cry 4 the person who Hurts U…
Just Smile & Say ‘Thanks 4 Giving Me the Chance 2 Find Some1 better than U!’

Sumtymes Life Bring Us 2 Such a Stage dat,
If Sm1 Asks Us whts d Best & Worst thng dat has Happen 2 U?
We hv d Same Ans 4 Both d Questns..