Famous and Good Quotes about Life being Hard

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: May 12, 2015
Life….! Life is as like we see, it Depends on Us that how we want to see our life. There are many problems we have to face in our life, because life is a long Journey and in between everybody has their good times and bad times. Good time gives us a lot to remember, Bad time teach us many lessons and also give us strength to face the problems and making us strong. A good collection of short and sweet SMS of Famous and good quotes about life being hard, give a new strength about life to other by sending SMS. SmsLootere.com team always tries their best to provide you good stuff of SMS on good topic. Be Inspired & Inspire others, enjoy life in good time and be strong in bad time.

Sarcastic quotes about life being hard

Don’t Like Me? Cool, I don’t wake up every day to Impress you.

If You Like Me , Raise Up Your Hands,
If not, Raise Your Standard..

I don’t Insult People, I Just Describe them.

If You are Going to be Two-Faced,
At Least make One of them Pretty.

I would Explain it to You,
But Your Brain would Explode.

If You are Shameless,
You would do as You Wish…

If I want Your Opinion,
I’ll ask You to fill out the Necessary Forms.

I am Busy now.
Can I Ignore You some other Time?

Hi! I’m a Human Being! What are You?

At the End of the Day, Life should ask Us,
‘Do You Want to Save the Changes?’


Bible quotes about life being hard

God Answers When You Least Expect It..

Even the Darkest Night will End and The Sun will Rise.

Stars can’t Shine without Darkness..

Walk by Faith not by Sight..!

The Pain that U have been Feeling,
Can’t Compare to the Joy that’s Coming.

“And so, Lord, Where Do I Put My Hope?
My Only Hope Is In You.”

Let Us not Lose Heart in doing good,
For in Due Time We will Reap If We do not Grow Weary..

Weeping may Tarry for the Night,
But Joy comes with the Mornings!

Every Weakness You have is an Opportunity for God to Show,
‘his Strength in Your Life’

For the Lord takes Delight in His People;
He Crowns the Humble with Salvation.


Quotes about life being complicated

Life is Really Simple, but We Insist on making it Complicated.

In the End, We only Regret the Chances We didn’t Take.

Life is Very Complicated. Don’t Try to Find Answers,
Because when You Find Answers, Life Changes the Questions.

Life has a Way of Testing a Person’s will either,
By having nothing Happen at all or by having Everything Happen at Once.

When Everything in Life Gets so Complicated,
It only Takes a Day to Change It.

Not Till We are Lost …
Do We begin to Find Ourselves.

Life is a Journey that must be Traveled No Matter How Bad the Roads and Accommodations.

Don’t Allow Your Wounds to Transform You into Someone You are Not.

Sometimes the Questions are Complicated and the Answers are Simple.

We need to Appreciate How Precious Life Is.

Quotes about life struggles

If There is No Struggle, There is No Progress.

We all make Mistakes, have Struggles, and even Regret things in Our Past.
But You are not Your Mistakes, You are not Your Struggles,
And You are here NOW with the Power to Shape Your Day and Your Future.

There is Scarcely any Passion without Struggle.

Before You can See the Light, You have to Deal with the Darkness.

Strength and Growth Come only through Continuous Effort and Struggle.

Where there is No Struggle, there is No Strength.

Everybody has Their Own Struggle.

“Don’t Let Your Struggle become Your Identity”.

If You are Struggling, that Means You’re Processing..

Life is a Struggle Accept it.

Quotes about life being unfair

Life is Unfair; that’s why We have Dreams.

Life is Unfair for those who can't make the Right Decision.

Life can be Unfair Sometimes but that is No Reason to Give Up on it.

The Only Thing that makes Life Unfair is the Delusion that it should be Fair.

Life is Really Not Fair. Deal with it.

Life is not Fair, but Life is not Fair for Everyone. That makes Life Fair.

Sometimes Life Seems Unfair. It Always Rains the Hardest on the People who Deserve the Sun.

If Life is Unfair to Everyone, doesn’t that make Life Fair?

Life is Unfair; it will only give You what You Fight for, so Learn to Fight Every battle in the Spirit.

Life is Unfair, but it doesn't matter whether You're Up or Down.
What matters is how You Play the Game in Life.

Quotes about life being unpredictable

Life is so Unpredictable. Be Grateful for Every Moment.

Life is Too Short and Unpredictable not to Live it Exactly as You Please.

Maybe that’s what Life is… a Wink of the Eye and Winking Stars.

Life is Unpredictable and Usually Never goes the Way We Plan it or would Like it to Go,
But We have it and with Life Anything is Possible.

Life is Unpredictable and You Never Know what is Coming Next.
Don’t Ever Get Too Comfortable. Always be Ready for CHANGE.

At its Best, Life is Completely Unpredictable.

Life is Unpredictable, so don't Expect much from it.

Life is so Unpredictable...it can bring You so much Joy and yet at the same Time cause so much Pain.

Life is Unpredictable, it Changes along with Every Individual.
Today You have and Tomorrow You may not have, be Thankful for the Good that Stays with You.

Always tell Some1 how Wonderful they are if it's really how You feel.
Life is Unpredictable, do it while You can.

Funny quotes about life being hard

Life is Hard; It’s even Harder if You’re Stupid.

Life doesn't have any Hands, but it can sure give You a Slap Sometimes.

Life is Like a Game of Poker: If You don't put any in the Pot, there won't be any to take Out.

Go Ahead. Judge Me. Just Remember to be Perfect the Rest of Your Life.

All Things are Difficult before they are Easy.

To be Old and Wise, You must First have to be Young and Stupid.

I may not Know Karate, but I Know how to Use a Baseball Bate!

Sarcasm is just another Free Service I Offer.

Why are You Trying so Hard to Fit in, when You were Born to Stand Out.

I can’t Believe I Work this Hard to be this Poor.