Flirt SMS for Girl in English

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: May 11, 2015
It is said that Flirting is good for Health but little more Flirting can be Dangerous for you.. hahaha, means if you committed to someone and still flirting is your Habit and think that you are flirting with any other person and to whom you already committed that person get to know that you are flirting with another person… OMG! What will happen?? U wants to try?? Hahahaha…. Never…! This word will come to your mind and heart too. But don’t worry little flirting is good for health and team gives you some flirty SMS collection, don’t make it habit but do some little flirt by sending Flirt SMS for Girl in English.

Flirt sms messages for her

I’m not Flirting.
I’m just being extra nice to someone who is extra Attractive.

Excuse me, if I go Straight this Way,
Will I be able to Reach Your Heart???

Would u Catch me if I Fall for You?

My Favorite place to be is inside your Hugs where it is warm and Loving..
I want to be in Your Arms where You Hold Me tight and Never let Me Go..

You are Amazing and I Love Your Special way of Loving Me
& You take My Breath away You…!

For Better or Worse,
Till Death do Us Part..
I’ll Love You with Every Single Beat in My Heart..

True Affection is when You have Nothing to say,
But still Feels Like Calling or Messaging Your Close One..

If I had to Choose between Breathing and Loving You,
I would Use My last Breath to tell You I Love You..!

Girl - is there any Festival which can be Celebrated Everyday?
Boy - Wait till You all in Love with Me.

My Feelings are Like the Stars in the Sky..
Just because You can’t always See them doesn’t mean they’re not there..!!


Flirt message to my boyfriend

I don’t Know the Difference Between Like & Love
But I’d Sure Like to Find out with You..

Even If I Spend the Whole Day with You,
I Miss U the Second U Leave..


Wouldn’t It be the Perfect Crime

If I Stole Ur Heart, and U Stole Mine?


You may Fall from the Sky, You may Fall from a Tree
But the Best Way to Fall is in Love with Me..

I Smile Whenever I Get a Massage From You..

If Nothing Lasts 4ever,
I was Wondering if You would be My Nothing.?

Yesterday is Gone
Today is Okay
Tomorrow will be Better Because I Get to See You..!

I Hope Your Morning is as Bright as Your Smile..

You are My One In 6 Billion..!

I Love Your Smile & the Way You make Me Smile..

Flirting lines for impress a girl

Boy- I am a Superhero. Guess My Name.
Girl- Superman, Ironman?
Boy- No, Yourman.

I don’t have Library Card.. But can I Check You Out..?

I’m No Organ Donor, but I’ll be Happy to Give You My Heart.

I Must be in Heaven because I’m Looking at an Angel..!

Roses are Red.. Tomatoes are Redder,
I Think We Both Know, I like You way Better.

Can I Get Your Picture?
I want to Prove to all My Friends that Angels Really do Exist.

If You were a Pill, I’d Overdose.

What do You and the Weather have in Common?
You’re Both HOT..!

I’m not a Beater, A Seeker, or A Chaser.
I’m a Keeper…

Can You Recommend a Bank Where I can make a Deposit?
Because I’m Planning to Save all My Love for You.

Flirting lines to say to a girl in English

Excuse me Miss, can I have the Time? I'd Check My Watch but I can't take My Eyes off You.

The Spaces Between Your Finger s are Meant to be Filled with Mine.

Are You Religious? Because You’re the Answer to My Prayers.

I don’t wanna Blink, cause I’m Afraid to Miss even a Second of Your Cuteness.

Is Your Name Google ? Because You have Everything I’m Searching For!

I must be Lost. I thought Paradise wasn’t on Earth.

I want to be Ur Teardrop, Born in Ur Eyes, Live on Ur Cheeks, and Die on Ur Lips.

If Nothing Lasts 4ever, will You be My Nothing?

‘YOU’ wanna Know Who’s Amazing and has the Cutest Smile Ever? Read the First Word again.

Is there an Airport Nearby or is that Just My Heart taking Off?