Friendship Messages for Friends in English

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: May 12, 2015
There are 4 chambers in heart 1 for Papa, 1 for Mom, 1 for God, 1 for Love… what about Friend?? Sorry no place for Friend in Heart….. You People are Heart Beat Dear. What a wonderfully describe about a friend, yes it’s true that if family is our heart than friends are called heart beats. There is no one in the whole world who doesn’t have a friend to share about their life. True friends are truly god’s special gift we has, they are always there when we need not only in good times but they stand with us in our bad time too.  They always support us whatever the problem is, only friends can make us laugh in any situation. There is a lot to say about friend and if we could we’ll write a book on a friend but team has given you a simple way to describe your Friendship via Friendship Messages for Friends in English.

Friendship quotes in english one line

True Friendship is Hard to Find,
Specially a Friendship Like Yours and Mine.

What is a Friend?
A Single Soul Dwelling in Two Bodies.

”Your Friendship is a Gift, I Enjoy Opening Every Day.”

I Wished Upon My Lucky Star,
And I Got ‘You’ an Angel Friend!

Anyone can make You Smile,
But it takes Someone Special to make You Happy.

A Day Spent with Friends is Always a Day Well Spent.

A Friend is One who Believes in U,
When U have Ceased to Believe in Urself.

”A Friends is the One who Know all about U,
And Still Likes U.”

How Rare & Wonderful is that Flash of a Moment,
When We Realize We have Discovered a Friend!

A Friend Like You … Is a Joy Forever!
I’m so Glad I have You!


Best friends forever messages

Best Friends Never have the same Nature,
They Just have Best Understanding of their Differences..!

A True Friend is Some1 who,
Never Gets Tired of Listening to Ur Pointless Dramas Over and Over Again..

Everything is Funnier, When U’r with Ur Best Friends..

Good Friends Never say Good Bye,
They Simply Say “See You Soon”

Best Friends can Communicate Just with Face Expressions..!

We’re not Perfect, We Laugh too Hard, We are away too Laud,
But doing it Together is What makes Us Best Friends 4ever..

Some Friends are Like Flowers, Come and Go.
But Best Friends Stay in Your Heart 4ever..!

Forever… That’s How Long We will Be Friends!

The Best Things in Life aren’t Things,
They are People Like You My Best Friend!

Our Friendship makes My World Glow with so much Happiness!
It Feels so Special to have a Friend Like U!


Friendship day status for whatsapp

If My Friends were to Jump off a Bridge, I wouldn’t Jump with Them,
I would be at the Bottom to Catch Them.

When Life becomes a Bumpy Ride, True Friends are Always by Ur Side.

“Friendship is not a Big Thing, it is a Million Little Things.”

Friendship - A Building Contract U Sign with Laughter and Break with Tears.

True Friends don’t Put You Down, they Lift You Up.

A Friend is Some1 who Thinks U r a Good Egg Even though U r Slightly Cracked!

God Really did Something Special…!
When He Blessed Me with a Friend Like You!

A Friend knows the Song in My Heart,
And Sings it to Me When My Memory Fails.

True Friends are the Ones Who have Nice Things to Say about U behind U Back.

Friends – They make You Laugh Little Louder,
Smile a Little Brighter and Live a Little Better than Be4.

Friendship sms in english for girlfriend

Love is Just a Word Until Someone Special Gives is a Meaning..<3

Sweet Memories.., Lovely Kisses.., Gentle Whispers.., Subtle Cares..,
I want to Share this for a Lifetime with you and give You all of Me.

No Matter how I Feel, It’s always True that the One Thing that can make Me Smile, is You.

“I have more Reasons to Love You than I have Reasons to Breath.”

7 Billion People in the World… But!! My Heart Choose You.

Love is not about how much You say ‘I love U’,
But how much You can Prove that it’s True.

I Just want You to Know that,
You are the Most Interesting Girl I’ve Met and therefore, I Admired the Most and Loved.

Sometimes the Hearts Sees what is Invisible to the Eyes…

True Love is when Touch with Your Spirit,
And in Return they Touch Your Soul with their Heart.

Girl – what is the 1st thing You Notice when You Look at Another Girl?
Boy – That She is Not You..!