Funny SMS quotes in English

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: May 18, 2015
It says that Laughing is the best medicine in whole world. I think it’s true, because when people laughing for at least that moment they forget their all problems of life. All people and Specially team says if you can bring a smile to anyone’s face you will feel world best, especially Man are always try to do something to make girls smile and girls try to do something special to see her boyfriend smiling but how? There are many ways to make people smile but the problem is you can’t just to be together all the time than how it’s possible? So we all know this is the world of SMS and the best way to be in touch all the time with all our near ones, so here we have some awesome collection of Funny SMS quotes in English so you can share this collection to your near ones and make them smile.

Funny messages to send to a girl

Every Girl has only 2 Problems.
1- Nothing to Wear
2- No Room for all the Clothes

Help a Girl when She is in Trouble &
She will surely Remember You only when She is again in Trouble..!

”You and Your Feelings are Important to Ur Friends,
Till they are SINGLE”…

3 Modes of Fast Communication:-
1- Tele-Vision
2- Tele-Phones
3- Tell-a-Woman
Still need Faster Communication.?
Tell Her not 2 tell Any1

Diplomacy of Girls:-
They Hate it when U Ask their Age,
But They would Kill U if U Forget their Birthday.

A Good Girl Always Forgives her Boyfriend When She’s Wrong..

World's Funniest Love Story:
Boy: Hey, U Look Gorgeous.
Girl: Thank U, Dear Brother.

Girls Express their Feelings wid Anger
& Tears..
Boys Express their Feelings wid Sutta
& Beers..

I See Your Face when I am Dreaming..
That's why I always Wake Up Screaming..!

Kind Intelligent, Smart, Loving & Hot
This Describes Everything U are Not..


Funny sms messages for boyfriend

A Stupid Boyfriend Thoughts Lol means ‘Lots Of Love’.
So He Sent this Txt to his Girlfriend,
‘You are Only Girl of My Life….Lol’.

When a Girl is in Love, Nobody knows Except the Girl,
When a Boy is in Love, Everybody knows Except the Girl.

What is True Relationship..?
Slap Urself Hardly.. I will Feel Ur Pain
This is True Love…
Just Try it and Reply Me.

I want some1 to Give Me a Loan and then Leave Me Alone.. ;)

Ina Dictionary, First Comes Divorce, then Marriage.

Laughing at Your Own Txt b4 You Send them because You are so Damn Funny.

When Girlfriend Blocks You on Facebook..,
It’s Called an Electric Divorce…

Please Donate Some Money as I want to Buy a New Smart Phone,
So that I can Continue to Txt You some Romantic Txts..

That Awkward Moment, When People Ask – Are You a Couple..?
And You Look at Each Other and Wait Who’s Going to Answer First.

Having a True Relationship with Same Mental Disorder is a Blessing.. ;)

Funny jokes in english for whatsapp

A Girl Posted in WhatsApp Group -
Guys, if I Install Windows 7 of 32 bits Two Times then will it become 64 bits?
Another Girl Replied – Yes, but it will also become Windows 14.
*All Boys Left the Group*

Your Ex-Girlfriend Asking if U can still be Friends After a Break-Up..
It is Like..
A Kidnapper Telling U to keep in Touch..!!

Somewhere Some1 is Surely Made for You.. and
God has Decided a Perfect Time to make You Meet that Person…
Till then.. ‘Enjoy Your Temporary Settings’…

Written at the Reception of a Corporate Company,
We don’t Pay for having “Brains”, We only Reward You for Using them “Intelligently”.

Scientist have Proved that there are 6155756148910 People in the World,
Who are too LAZY to Read the Above Number..
Now don’t Laugh at Urself ..

Need a Friend? Text Me.
Need a Laugh? Call Me.
Need Money? This Number is No Longer in Service.

Boy – Our Principle is so Stupid.
Girl – Don’t You Know Who I am?
Boy – No.
Girl – I’m Principle’s Daughter.
Boy – Do You Know Who I am?
Girl – No.
Boy – Good (walk away).

Teacher – Why You are Late?
Boy – because of a Sign down the Road.
Teacher – what does a Sign have to do with Your being Late?
Boy – the Sign said ‘School Ahead, Go Slow!’

Teacher – ‘I Killed a Person’ Convert this into Future tense.
Student – the Future tense is ‘You will Go to Jail’.

A Failed Businessman to His Fat Wife – You are My only Investment in Life that has Doubled.