Good Luck SMS & Quotes in English

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: May 21, 2015
Good Luck! Small word but it says a lot. Normally we use to say Good luck to our friends, family, near ones and dear ones when they has to go for interview or  to whom who has their exams or to whom who are special for Us and we want to see them with success. It’s good to wish all the best luck to whom who really need, because normally people feel nervous in interview time, exam time and any situation when they feel they need a support. team offers you a very needful collection of Good Luck SMS & Quotes in English which surely you will like to share.

Good luck wishes quotes

May You Find Success in Everything You Do,
And may All Your Treasured Dreams Comes True.
All The Best

You have Got it in You.. What it takes to Fly that High..
Best of Luck

If it’s for You, it will Be
If not, There’s Always a Reserved Plan
Good Luck

Gliding Beyond the Horizon.
Here’s That Many Happy Landings Await You.
All The Best

Good Luck Is Result of Good Planning…!

The Future Blongs to Those who Gives the Next Generation Reason 4 Hope..
Have a Good Luck

If U can Imagine it, U can Create it.
If U Dream it, U can Become it.. Best of Luck

U won’t Know how High U can Fly,
Until U give it a Really Good Try..! Just Do Ur Best!

Believe in Urself, Follow the Path You’ve Choosen.
Good Luck

Don’t Stress.
Do Your Best. Forget the Rest. Best of Luck


Best of luck sms for interview

May U Get all d Desire.
Your Hard Work will Sincerely Pay Off. Best of Luck!

Move on the Track of Ambition, Reach at d Station of Success..
Ur Good Luck is With U, 4 that Wish is Mine..
‘May U Achieve Every Success in Ur Life..’

May God will Prosper Confidence, Determination,
Tenacity in Ur Personality,
So that U will Get Success in Every Phase of Ur Life.

U have d Blessings, U have s Spirits & U have d Talent.
Good luck, and make Ur Hard Work Pay.

You Dreamed, You Believed & You Worked.
Now, Go Achieve It. Good Luck!

Ur Thirst to Succeed & Serious Determination,
Shall only Lead to a Glorious Way Ahead. Good Luck

All d Best 4 a Bright Future!
May there be Success at every Turn of Life,
And All Ur Dreams Come True..

Best of Luck!
Go Forward with Full Enthusiasm & Got Succeeded Itinerary of Life.

The Only Person, Who shall Shape Ur Future, Is You.
Good Luck!

The Hard Work puts You where The Good Luck can Find You.
Best of Luck!


Good luck messages in English

One can Count the Number of Seeds in an Apple,
But One cannot Count the Number of Apple in a Seed.!
Similarly, Future is Unseen, So Always Hope for the Best.

Life Soars when U Start Dreaming..
Hope Surrounds when U Start Believing,
Love Blooms when U Start Caring..
Dream, Hope, Love… Warm Up Ur Heart, Mind, and Soul 4 a Beautiful Life.

Your Struggle and Hard Work Convert into the Happiness in Ur Life,
I Wishing U Good Luck 4 Ur Work.. 
I will always Guide & Advice U on the Every Time on Ur Life.

For Success to be there with You in Every Walk of Life,
May all the Dreams that Ur Heart Hold, Dear,
Come True and may each Day of Life Bring the Best for You.

The only things U need to Remember b4 Starting Ur 1st Job is that Success is Relative,
You will get only as much as You want. Good Luck

It’s not the Exceptional Few who Surge ahead…
But the Exceptionally Hard Working.
So do Your Best and Reach High.

Gliding Behind the Horizon.
Here’s Hoping that Many Happy Landings Await You. All the Best

The Sun shall be there, You have to just Look Beyond the Clouds…
Wishing You Good Luck for Everything You do.

A Beautiful Quote was Written on the Wall of the Movie Theater,
One Day Ur Entire Life will be Like Movie in a Flash Back,
You just need to make sure that it is Worth of Watching!
Good Luck

Luck is not in Ur Hands, but Work Is.
Your Work can make Ur Luck, but Luck cannot do Your Work.

Wish good luck quotes for exam

The Easiest Way to do Well in Your Exams is to Treat them Like a Giant Punching Bag.
Use all the Strength of Your Memory and Punch the Daylight of Your Tests. All the very Best.

If You Believe in Urself You do not have to Fear any Challenge. I wish You all the Success for Your Exam. Good Luck on Your Exam!

Give Your Best Shot on it; I am Pretty Confident that You can make it,
My Best Wishes are with You!

Nothing can Stop You From doing Your Best,
Nothing can Pull You Down – as Long as You Start Studying Hard and Stop Fooling Around. Good luck.

You have Never Failed, and with Your Sincere Focus, You Never Shall.
You have all the Blessings and Luck From Our Side.

Did You know that all Your Success and Your Passed Exams are Based on My Congratulations?
What would You do without Me!!

You Prepared Well, You know it all Right, Just Relax Over the Night.
Morning will come and so will the Test, Don’t You Worry; You just need a Little Rest.

An Exam is not only a Test of Your Academic Knowledge,
It is also a Test of Your Calmness, Stability and Courage… Good Luck!

Good Grades are Life’s Way of Saying that there is a Bright Future in Store for You. Good luck.

When Exams are Near, Nothing Seems Clear,
You are Tension, Oh! did I Mention, 
Relax! You will do Well in Your Test,
Study Hard, and Leave the Rest,
All the Best!