Good Morning English SMS messages for best friend

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: May 19, 2015
Morning is another beautiful day to live the life. Wow, how beautifully God add one more day to our life to enjoy unlimited funns of life. It’s just not a morning it is call a good morning because we all feel fresh in morning after yester day’s tiredness there after we had whole nights’ wonderful sleep. So obviously the morning becomes automatically good and yes, it is become more wonderful with beautiful text messages from our dear ones made our morning very beautiful. Good Morning English SMS messages for best friend has a best collection of good morning SMS, so what you waiting for? While team has brings you as fresh collection as morning! Make your dear ones morning good and wish them Beautifully Good morning.

Good morning messages in english only

Let’s 4get Our Own Sadness by Creating a Little Happiness 4 Others,
Bcz whn We R Gud 2 Others We R Best 2 Ourselves.

Happiness is Like Butterfly
D more U Chase it d more it Eludes U
Bt if U Turn Ur Attention 2 other things,
It cmes & Sits Softly on Ur Shoulder

Beautiful Life may be an Imagination.. but
Living Beautiful life is even Beautiful than Imagination”
Life is Urs so “Love it & Live it”

I Looked at d Rising Sun & askd-
What do U hv to Teach Me Today?
I Heared a Voice which said
“Always Generate more Light than Heat”

We always Worry abt Our Looks, Status &Power.
Bt d Truth is dat they neither Matter 2 those who Love Us,
Nor 2 those who don’t Love Us.

It’s Gud 2 hve Money & d thngs Money cn Buy
But Its Gud Too,
Once in while, To Check & make Sure dat
U hvn’t Lost d thngs dat Money cnnt Buy..!

Simple Principle of Life-
-Never think U r Nothing
-Never think U r Everything
Bt alwaz think U R Something & U cn Achieve anything..

Meaningful Msg 4 Life:
Sea is never Large, bt Sight of Our Viewing is Larger,
No one’s Love is Lesser bt Our Expectation R Higher!
Gud Morning!

Life is B To D = Birth to Death.
Bt Between B & D there is C = Choice..
& Our Life is a Matter of Choices..
So Try 2 mke Right Choices..

Thr’s alwz another Chance 4 Everything in Life..
Bt Fact is, thr is no Chance of another Life..
So Dream it,
Mean it, Live it,
Love it..
Good Morning


Good morning quotes for friends

Relations doesn’t Shine by Shaking Hands in best Moments,
It Bloom by Holding Hands in Critical Moments. Good Morning!!

Relation is Silent Gift of Nature.
More Old more Strong, more Care more Respect,
Less Words more Understanding & Less Meetings more Feeling….

We cannot Add Milk in a Glass Full of Milk,
But We can Still Add Sugar in that which Proves..
Sweet People can make their Space even in a Filled Heart..
Always Add Values Not Egos. GM

Always Keep the Communication Regular,
Bcz what Disturbs the Most is not the ‘Noise’ of the Strangers.
But the ‘Silence’ of Dear Ones!! Gm

Don’t be so Quick to Believe in Everything You Hear,
Because Lies Always Spread Faster than the Truth…! Gm

When We Move Our Focus from Competition to Contribution,
Life become a Celebration, Never Defeat People.. Just Win them..Gm

Start Your Day with a Smile on Ur Face,
And You will Find that all You Get Back are Smile in Return.
Good Morning!

An Eye with Dust and a Heart with Trust will Always Cry,
U cannot know who is Praying 4 U and who is Playing with You in the World.
Good Morning..

A Healthy Lifestyle is not just about what You Eat,
It is also what You Consume Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually.

The Moment U Feel Like U have to Prove Ur Worth to Some1,
Is the Moment U Need to Walk Away 4m Them. Good Morning

Good morning wishes messages for lover

Early in the Morning, I Miss U the Most,
It’s Really Getting Tough for Me, because Everywhere it’s U that I See,
Wish U a Lovely Good Morning, Keep Smiling My Love!

Have a Beautiful Day My Love, have a Good Time,
May You Keep Smiling all the Day, with that Special Shine,
Wish U a Lovely Good Morning, Keep Smiling My Love, have Nice Day.

Why are Morning so Beautiful, when Everything Looks so Wonderful,
It Brings Out the Best in You, the Feeling so Good & New,
That is the Spirit of Lovely Morning, Good Morning, have a Good Day.

You Know that You are My Sunshine, Which Shines so Bright, 
Without You My Love, I don’t Feel Alright,
Because nothing goes Right, You are My Life, Good Morning 2 U.

Each Day and Each Moment of the Life,
You make Me Realize that you are All Mine,
Early in the Day Today, I just wish to say,
That Baby I Love U So Much, longing 4 Ur Touch, Good Morning!

The Rays of the Sun on Ur Lovely Face,
That Beautiful Smile of Urs and Lovely Grace,
I so wish I could Hug U Tight, because I Love U with all My Might,
Good Morning Dear, Smile and Spread the Cheers.

Open Your Beautiful Eyes to a Wonderful day,
Waiting 4 U with Open Arms & Open Heart.
Good Morning & have Beautiful Day Just Like U My Dear.

Don’t fell Low when Someone Doubts Ur Caliber. Just Be Proud of Urself .
Because, People always Doubts the ‘Gold’ for its Purity, not the ‘Iron’..!
Good Morning Dear

Be Honest when in Trouble, Be Simple when in Wealth,
Be Polite when in Authority & Be Silent when in Anger. 
Good Morning

Sun is Shining.. A new Day is Calling,
Open Your Heart & Mind, Grab Every Opportunity that comes by..
Good Morning My Love, have Great Day.

Funny good morning sms in English

Gravity is Maximum in the Mornings,
It’s Proven
That’s why it’s so Hard to Get Up from Bed in the Morning..

At Night, I can’t Sleep, In the Morning, I can’t Wake Up.

Good Morning! Kindly Observe SILENCE for 2 minutes in the Memory of those Poor Mosquitoes,
Who Died Last Night after Sucking Your Blood.

No Toothbrush, No Tea
No Breakfast, No Bath
No God's Pooja,
1st of all My Good Morning wishing.

M-ake the most of it.
O-pen Ur Heart and Mind.
R-emember to thank God.
N-ever frown
I-magine Me
N-othing to worry.
G-ood Morning!

When in Life You Wake Up and You don’t See Any1
Then Come to Me I will be there to
Take You to the Eye Specialist.
Good Morning and have a nice Day.

Close Your Eyes, Take a Deep Breath,
Open Your Arms Wide,
Feel Your Heartbeat, and say ‘It’s Too Early. Let Me Sleep again..’
Good Morning!

Good Morning, Ssshhh… Looks Like the Rest are Sleeping.

God created the Sleep, and the Devil created an Alarm Clock.

I Lack Sleep- are the Nights so Short, or do I Sleep so Fast..?