Good Night messages for Friends in English

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: May 20, 2015
Good night means bed time. Goodnight means to feel relax and mesmerizing all the memory of day and as well as time to remember our loved ones. Day comes with so much energy to complete our dreams but night is all about dreaming what we want to do in our life. Mostly people are busy in day with their works and children and student busy with their study and house wife busy in her work so over all, after doing so much work under pressure night is like only relaxing time. We can have much time to spend with family, friends and loved ones; it’s time to connect with new relaxing life. Yes, it’s time to remind everybody that you are still missing them by sending sweet Good night SMS. So our team also makes you closer to you dear ones for having a collection of Good Night messages for friends in English, so wish them Sweetly Good night and make them to remind you.

Good night sms for love in English

My Massage would Carry a Note 4 U to Say dat
To My Heart and want to be in Ur Life 4ever
Good Night!

Things to take Note when U Sleep
1-Miss Me
2-Think of Me
3-Hug Me
4-Love Me
Try 2 Sleep now & Close Ur Eyes.
Get Prepared 2 Dream Of Me!
Good Night

Sun has Set, and a Darkness has Arrived.
Day is Going to End & Time to Sleep.
Good Night My Love

As I Lay in My Bed,
I Miss U Even More,
U Know My Love,
That I Love U 2 d Core,
I Love U Even More,
Good Night My Love

Good Night My Love, Pleasant Dreams, Sleep tightly,
My Love may 2morrow be Sunny & Bright & Bring U Closer to Me.

Stars Light Stars Bright,
U r d Only Star I See Tonight,
I Wish I Might be there,
Guarding Ur Dreams Tonight.

Good Night My Love
I Pray U Lay in Rest,
& may 2morrow bring U much Love & Happiness.

I Wish I was there to Hold U Tight,
Instead of Just Send this Loving “Good Night”.

Meet Me in My Dreams
Good Night My Love

Love is the Simpler Feelings,
I Dream Every Night about U
I want to Capture Ur Heart..
Good Night & Love U


Good night wishes quotes for him

Sleeping is Not Taking Rest 4 Today’s Hard Work,
It Means Gaining Energy 4 Tomorrow’s Smart Work..
Good Night..

As U fall asleep, I want U to Remember what a Good Person U r.
Remember Dat I admire U & care 4 U. Good Night!

As Night Falls Upon d Land, it’s Time 2 Sleep again,
Wid d Moon Hanging in d Starlit Sky,
M here to wish U Good night.

Do not Let Any1 Ever Dull Ur Sparkle. Good night.

The N8 may b Dark, d Moon may Not Come,
& d Stars may Hide, but dnt worry, I’m here to Brighten up Ur Night.

Between a Million Yesterdays and a Million 2morrows,There’s only 1 Today.
And I would Never Let it Pass without telling U, ‘I am Thinking of U’.
Good Night Dear

I Know that It’s Not True,
But My Heart Still Believes that the Moon Shines for Just ‘Me’ and ‘You’…

Every Night is a Constant Battle Between Dreams about Being with You,
And Nightmares about Losing You..

I Know that You are the One,
Because when We are Apart I Feel Incomplete,
I Never want to be Without You.. Good Night

I Wish I could Come there to You, I Wish I could Hug You Tight,
Instead of Wishing You Plain Good Night,
Anyways do Dream of Me on this Night and Sleep Tight..!

Best ever romantic good night sms

One Day I may Die without saying Goodbye to You,
But I will Never 4get to say Thank You,
Because You Hold the Most Loveliest Part in My Life.
Goo Night My Love.

Be Close to that Person who makes You Happy;
But be Closer to that Person who can’t be Happy without You.
Good Night My Closer!

I don’t Dream about You, because I can Never Fall Asleep Thinking without You…
Good Night My Star!

The Stars in their Galaxy can Never Outshine Your Love in My Heart.
You are the Light that Lightens My World Every Blessed Day.
Good Ni8. I love you.

Good Night..
No Matter if the Sky is Black or Blue,
N Matter if there are Stars or Moon,
As Long as Your Heart is True, Sweet Dreams will Always be with You.

Ι want to tell You with My Last Breath that I have always Loved You,
And I will always Love You. Good Night My Cutie Pie.

When I say Good Night to You,
I Feel Hurt and Sore,
Because it makes Me Miss You all the More..
Good Night My Sweet Heart.

As I Lay on My Bed,
I Miss You Even More,
You Know My Love,
That I Love to the Core,
I Love You Even More,
Good Night My Love..

As Lions are Kings of Animals and Peacocks are Kings of Birds,
You are the King/Queen of My Heart.
Long Live My King/Queen. I Love You and I will 4ever do.
Good Night My King/Queen.

If it's Ever Possible, I would make You Stay in My Heart 4ever – Morning, Night and Noon.
I Love You, Good Night.

Funny good night messages for whatsapp

As U Go 2 Bed 2night,
I Ordered Bats 2 Guard U Tight.
I Told Some Ghosts to Dance in White,
2 make Sure U r all Right,
I’ll ask the Dracula 2 Kiss Your Neck Goodnight…

Good Night, Sleep Tight,
Give the Bad Monsters Some Fight,
Dream with all Your Might,
Hold on to those Dreams Tight.
Get a Good Night’s Rest,
And Wake Up to a Day that is just Great!

Sleep not come when We Close Our Eyes..
Sleep comes when We do Our Net Pack Off…

Great Night is Tonight
My Dear said No Fight
Our Love has Good Sight
Sleep well Good Night.

This is
All World Anti-Sleep Association
Mid Night Service.
Our Aim
is to
the Sleep of
Thank u..

Don’t waste thinking about Ur Lost Past
Don’t waste Time 4 Planning Ur Future
Better Kill Some Mosquito with that Time
So that U can Sleep Better.
Good Night.

Air & Students have the same Mentality –
U Know How?
Bothe are Turning the Book’s Pages without Reading.
Good Night!

Sun wouldn’t be Red,
Sea wouldn’t be Blue,
I wouldn’t be Happy, without Disturbing You!
Good Night!

Fine Night,
Lovely Night,
Beautiful Night,
Happy Night,
Nice Night,
Likely Night,
I think its Good Night.

Night is a Theater,
Dream is a Movie,
God is Director,
Nature is the Producer,
And You the Villain,
Enjoy the Night with Fighting Dreams.