Love Break Up Messages in English

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: May 09, 2015
It’s too sad when two people deeply in love with each other and something happens and they decide to end their love and do love break ups. Why the people can’t carry a relationship? Why they give more respect to their ego rather than their love? What is the reason? Why the couple should do love break up? There are much possibilities like they doesn’t feel space in their relationship , understanding problem, lies to each other, and most common reason of love break up is time, no one has time for their family, friends and even for their love too. You could see people are getting busy in work; they even don’t have time for themselves so how they will save a relation! And this happens, love break up. Well if something like that happens with you than don’t worry stay calm and send Love Break Up Messages in English with the team.

Sad break up sms in English

1 day u’ll Look Back and Realize How U Treated Me,
And May be, if U Finally Grew up,
U Might actually Feel bad about it.

I’m mad at myself, nt U.
I’m mad 4 alwz being nce, I’m mad 4 gttng Attchd.
I’m mad 4 Apologizing 4 things I didn’t do.
I’m mad 4 thnkng abt u,
Bt mst of all I’m mad 4 nt hating U, when I should.

You don’t alwaz have to Pretend to be Strong.
There is no Need to Prove all the Time dat everything is going well.

I Cry 4 d time that U were almost Mine,
I cry 4 d Memories I’be left behind,
I cry 4 d Pain, d Lost, d Old, d New,
I cry 4 d times I thought I had U..

The worst Regret we can have in Life,
Is not 4 d Wrong things we did,
But 4 d Thousands of Right Things,
We did 4 d Wrong People..

There R Moments that Mark Ur Life,
Moments when U Realize nothing will ever b the same.
And time is Divided into 2 Parts,
‘Before this & After this’

The Hardest Part about Walking Away
From Some1 is when U Realize that
No Matter How Slow U Go,
That Some1 will Never Run after U.

Everybody makes Mistakes,
I also make them,
But ‘Falling 4 You’
Was the Biggest Mistake I ever made.

Sometimes U hv to Try nt to Care,
No Matter hw much U do bcz,
Sometimes, U mean nothing to Some1
Who means Erything to U.
It’s nt pride.
It’s called Self-Respect.

Bitter Truth of 2days World-
‘D More U Bear d Pain More People wil Give U Pain,
Without Realizing that Even U Hv a Heart which can feel Pain’


Most emotional lines after break up

That Moment when You Burst out Crying in Your Room
& You Realize How Unhappy You Are.

If She’s Stupid Enough to Walk Away…
Then be Smart Enough to Let Her Go….

”There is Always Some1 in Every1’s Life,
Whose Mood Affects Your Mood..”

The Toughest Part of Letting Go is..
Realizing that the Other Person Already Did.

When U Get Attached to Some1,
U’ll Realize what is Love but,
When that Person Start Avoiding U,
U’ll Realize what the Hell is Life..

A Breakup is Like a Broken Mirror It’s Better to Leave,

It than Hurt Urself Trying to Pick Up the Pieces.

I Never Stopped Caring, but You did, And That’s why I Moved On.

I didn’t Stop Loving You, I Decided to Stop Showing it.

Because No Matter How Hard I Tried, You wouldn’t Get it.

You can Miss Some1 Who Died, You can Miss Some1 Who Moved Away,

But the Worst is when You Miss Some1 You See Everyday..

I Just wanna Hide Under the Covers and Make it all Go Away..

Break up quotes for him from the heart

Ultimate Truth:
Usually the People Who makes the Biggest Change in Ur Life,
Will Stay Only for the Shortest Time in Your Life..!

Superb Line by a True Lover:
‘I was Only a Time Pass in Ur Life.. But Some Day U will Truly Realize that,
Time Passed with Me was the Most Beautiful Time Ever’.

We need some1 in Life who Come & ask the Reason 4 Our Changed Behavior,
Rather than the 1 who Leaves Us just Saying that U have Changed.

True Slogan!
A Lovable Person is a Medicine for any kind of Pain, but,
There is No Medicine Available in the World for Pain Given by Lovable Person.

First Love Mostly gets Failed to Every1 and also Teaches how to Love,
But the Fact is, After that Nobody want to Love.

True Lines…!!
‘When u Sit Alone, U sit more with Ur Past,
The Past comes as Slideshow and Ends in either Smile Across Lips or Tears in Eyes’.

The First Person who Teach You the meaning of ‘Love’,
Will also be the First Person who Teach You the meaning of the Word ‘Pain’.

The Most Painful Moment is when U tell Ur Love that U can do Anything 4 Him/Her,
And the Answer what they Give is..
“Forget Me”

The Greatest thing I’ve Learned in Life..
Is Never Invest too much Emotion on Any1,
Coz if U does so would End Up Hurting Urself.!!

“Possessiveness does not come when Some1 Need U in their Life,
But it Really Comes when Some1 Fears that They’ll Lose U 4m their Life..”

After break up message to girlfriend

Very Confusing but Nice 1:
If U Love Some1, but Ur Some1 Loves Some1,
You be the same Sum1 Like b4,
Coz Time wil Come that Ur Some1 will Realize that U r not just Some1 but U r only 1.

Sometimes the only thing which You want is..
To have Some1 who will Understand You when U r Tired of Understanding this World..

One half Our Heart always knows that Some Wishes would Never be Come True,
Still the Second Half Waits for Magic and Miracle to Happen.

Some People are so Lucky that Even after Hurting, they get so much Love &
Some are so Unlucky that Even after Giving so much Love, they Always get Hurt.

A Boy becomes Valuable when a Girl Truly Drops a Tear for Him,
And Girl becomes a Princess when a Boy Truly Drops a Tear for Her..

After a Breakup between Two Lovers a Friend asks the Girl,
“You Left Him or He Left You?” She Smiles and said “Love Left Us.”

Just Because I Let You Go, doesn’t mean I wanted to.

The Hardest Part about Walking Away from You is Knowing that You won’t Run After Me.

It Hurts when the Person that made You Feel Special Yesterday,
Makes You Feel Unwanted Today.

You Treated Me Like an Opinion so I Left You Like a Choice.