Quotes about Children

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: May 28, 2015
Child is best gift we ever get from God, and it is say that God is also a form of children. There is nothing better than to see your child growing up; this is the best thing you never ever want to miss. A little baby’s little little moment can rule our heart, that cute expression, their first step to walk, first mummy-papa word, first day of school, all that moment is very special to a parents. Smslootere.com team has brings for you some childish moment you ever had in your Life as child and as parents too. Quotes about children a good collection for remind some oldie moment related to you and as well as for a parents if you are.

Inspirational quotes about children growing up

A mother’s Dream.. is to See her Children Grow up to be Healthy, Happy and Successful.

Children are the Leaving Messages We Send to a Time We will not See.

Nothing You Do for Children is Ever Wasted.

The Influence of a Mother in the Lives of her Children is Beyond Calculation.

We’re all Just Kids Who Grew Up Way too Fast.

Together may We Give Our Children Roots to Grow and Wings to Fly.

Children have the Unforgivable Habit of Growing Up.

Babies are always more Trouble than You thought and more Wonderful.

Behind Every Great Kid, is a Mom Who’s Pretty Sure She’s Screwing it Up.

U Know Ur Children r Growing Up,
Whn they Stop Asking where they came 4m,
And Refuse to tell U where they r Going.


Quotes about loving children

When You look into Your Mother’s Eyes, You know that is the Purest Love You can Find on this Earth. - Mitch Albom

‘Your Children Need Your Presence More than Your Presents.’ - Jesse Jackson

‘Children Begin by Loving their Parents, as they Grow Older they Judge them; Sometimes they Forgive them.’ - Oscar Wilde

I may not be Perfect, but when I Look at My Children,
I know that I got Something in My Life Perfectly Right.

I’ve Never Loved Anybody the Way I Love My Children. - Katey Sagal

‘No Matters what Happiness, My Kids Come First. It’s That Simple.’

What it's like to be a Parent –
It's one of the Hardest things You'll Ever do but in Exchange it,
Teaches You the Meaning of Unconditional Love. - Nicholas Sparks

‘There are No Seven Wonders of the World in the Eyes of a Child.’
“There are Seven Million.”

‘The Unconditional Love for You Children, It’s Truly Amazing.’ – Jourdan Dunn

Our Children are the Only Possessions We can take to Heaven. – Croft M. Pentz


Famous quotes about childhood memories

Memories of Childhood were the Dreams that Stayed with You after You Woke.

Memories of Our Childhood are Like Images Painted on a Wet Canvas,
They Merge until they Lose all Shape, often Remaining only as Feelings.

There is a Garden in Every Childhood,
An Enchanted Place were Colors are Brighter, the Air Softer,
And the Morning More Fragrant than Ever Again.

Our Hearts Grow Tender with Childhood Memories and Love of Kindred,
And We are Better Throughout the Years for having, in Spirit,
 Become a Child Again at Christmas Time.

Childhood is Like being Drunk.
Everyone Remembers what You did, Except You.

That Awesome Moment of Your Childhood,
When You got Up on the Very First Ball while Playing Cricket and You say –
This was a Trial Ball!!

Childhood is Enjoying, Creating, Growing, Exploring, Laughing and Dreaming..

Best Childhood Memory:
Your Mom’s Here! Quick, Go and Hide so You won’t have to Go Home!.

Childhood is the Most Beautiful of all Life’s Season.

Childhood isn’t just those Years.
It’s also the Opinions You Form about them Afterward.
That’s why Our Childhoods are so Long.

Quotes about children and education

Children have to be Educated, but they have also to be Left to Educate Themselves.

“Education's Purpose is to Replace an Empty Mind with an open One.”

Every Student can Learn, just not on the Same Day, or the Same Way.

Education is the most Powerful Weapon which You can use to Change the World.

Intelligence + Character = That is the Goal of True Education.

Free the Child’s Potential, and You will Transform him into the World.

Even the Wisest Mind has Something yet to Learn.

A Child is not a Vessel to be Filled, but a Lamp to be Lit.

We should not Teach Children the Sciences but give them a Taste for them.

If the Child is not Learning the Way You are Teaching, then You must Teach in the way the Child Learns.