Quotes about Communication

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: May 27, 2015
Communication is best way to understanding people; if we can communicate better we can understand them better. The best communication we can do with is with God, most of the People communicate with God because this is the Best way to talk with God. We feel that he is with Us all the time, whenever we are in bad situation the first thing in Our mind comes is to remember God. We all have faith in God and we all know that he is the Creator and he has all the power to do that good, he just only want to make us stronger. Like Air is everywhere but still we need fan, like that God is everywhere but still we are going in Church, Temple, Masjid to communicate better with God via reading Bible, Bhagwad Gita, Kuran and to listen Saints, Fathers and Maulvi. Here SmsLootere.com Team has collected some spirituals collection of Quotes about communication.

Quotes about communion with god

God is Available 24/7 – 365!
It is Up to Us to take a Break & Sit in His Presence!

“The Fewer the Words, the Better the Prayer.”

Our Hearts Long for continual Communion with God.
It’s Time to Cultivate it.

Everyday do Something that will Lead You Closer to God.

Time with God Spiritual Songs with Sound of Nature.

Prayer – A Passion for the Presence of God.

God, Help Me Pause Today to See the Dazzling Light of Your Glory.

When You take Time with God and Listen to His Voice,
He Renews Your Strength and Enables You to Handle Life.

Talk with God, He wants to Hear Your Heart.

One of the Best Gifts We can give Ourselves is ‘Time with God.’


Quotes about communion of saints

Turn to God, Believe in God. Trust Him For a Miracle.

Find God in All Things.

Bhakti is the Highest Function of the Soul…

God is Frequency That Exist Within You. Tune in.

We are not at Peace with Others, because we are not at Peace with Ourselves,
And we are not at Peace with Ourselves, because we are not at Peace with God.
The Greatest Competitor of Devotion to Jesus is Service 4 Him.
He One Aim of the Call of God is the Satisfaction of God,
Not a Call to do Something 4 Him.

Supreme Love is the Supreme Religion.

A Pure Thought from a Pure Heart is Better than a Mantra.

‘In the Joy of Others Lies Our Own…’ – H.D.H Pramukh Swami Maharaj.

Show Forgiveness, Enjoy Kindness, Avoid Ignorance.