Quotes about Confidence

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: May 29, 2015
Confidence comes with personality. If you are not confident for whatever you are going to do, you will never get success in that. Mostly we have to be confidant all time for whatever we are going to do so we can give our best for that. Sportsmen always win because they believe in confidence and they prove their success from their confident personality and the attitude for sportsmanship. Leadership also comes with great personality and good confidence, so be confident while going for do something new and different that confident will surely give success. Here SmsLootere.com has also some good collection of Quotes about confidence just check it out u will surely like it.

Quotes about self confidence and success

Self Confidence – The Founder of all Great Success and Achievement.

You’ll Never Accomplish Anything if You don’t Believe that You can do it.

Confidence – It Lights the Way.

Confidence is the Companion of Success.

Self Confidence is the Best Out Fit, Rock it and Own it.

Be Proud of Who You are,
And Not Ashamed of How Others See You.

If You Feed Your Confident, You’ll Starve Your Fear!

“Be Your Self, Because an Original is Worth more than a Copy.”

Confidence is Something U Create Within Urself by Believing in Who U r.

Believing in Your Self is the First Secret to Success.


Quotes about confidence in sports

The Only Way to Prove that You’re a Good Sport is to Lose. - Ernie Banks

Pain is temporary, Quitting lasts forever. - Lance Armstrong

You’ve got to have Confidence in Yourself… It’s the Power of the Mind. – Jon Jones

I Believe in Myself so much that Nothing is Going to Stop Me. – Conor McGregor

I am the Best, but I am Capable of Achieving the Impossible. – Anderson Silva

I have a Real Hard Time Turning Down a Fight. – Urijah Faber

All You Need in This Life is Ignorance and Confidence; then Success is Sure.

“You can’t Build a Reputation on what You are Going to do.” – Henry Ford

My Mind is My Biggest Asset. I Expect to Win Every Tournament I Play. - Tiger Woods

“Set Your Goals High, and don’t Stop till You Get There. - Bo Jackson


Quotes about confidence and beauty

I’m Going to Stand Outside. So if Any1 asks, I’m Outstanding.


Beauty is what You Feel about Urself not about what You See in the Mirror.


Beauty is not in the Face, Beauty is a Light in the Heart. – Kahlil Gibran

Women! You don’t have to be Thin to be Beautiful or Attractive..,
Being Urself and having Confidence is all You Really Need.

Beauty is Being the Best Possible Version of Urself on the Inside and Out.

If You are Confident, You are Beautiful.

Beauty is Self Confidence Applied Directly to the Face.

Confidence is the Best Secret to all Beauty.
There is no Beauty that is Attractive without Confidence.

There is Nothing more Attractive than Confidence,
Once You See Your Own Beauty, so will Every1 Else…

Confidence is the Ability to Feel Beautiful,
Without Needing Some1 to Tell You.