Quotes about Creativity

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: May 31, 2015
This is the World of Innovation, everybody are busy in trying to do something different and new. People are appreciating and accepting their passion to provide us more creative and innovative. I also hats off to those people who gave us a best facilities to enjoy the life in easy way, they made our life easy and peaceful. No doubt this can do only creative people whose imagination, great ideas and intelligent mind made this possible and yes their hard work too. Smslootere.com team is also thankful to that people who did their best because if they don’t make this possible, how we can meet and share this wonderful relation with you. So here we have some creative Quotes of Quotes about creativity to appreciate their work.

Famous quotes about creativity and art

‘Have No Fear of Perfection, You’ll Never Reach it’ - Salvador Dali

‘Creativity is Knowing How to Hide Your Sources’ - Albert Einstein

“Curiosity about Life in all of its Aspects,
I Think, is Still the Secret of Great Creative People” - Leo Burnett

‘You can’t Wait for Inspiration, You have to Go after it with a Club’ - Jack London

“Great Minds Discuss Ideas. Average Minds Discuss Events. Small Minds Discuss People.” 
- Henry Thomas Buckle

‘Creativity takes Courage.’ - Henri Matisse

Art is not what You See but what You make Others See. - Edgar Degas

‘To be an Artist is to Believe in Life.’ Henry Moore

‘Art is the Only Way to Run Away without Leaving Home.’ – Twyla Tharp

‘Creativity is Contagious, Pass it On’ - Albert Einstein


Quotes about creativity and innovation

Creativity is Thinking Up New Things, Innovation is Doing New Things. – Theodore Levitt

Genius means Little more than the Faculty of Perceiving in an Unhabitual Way. – William James  

If You want Something New, You have to Stop doing Something Old. - Peter F. Drucker

‘I am not Afraid…, I was Born to do This.’- Joan of Arc

"The Secret to Creativity is Knowing How to Hide Your Sources." - Albert Einstein

‘Creativity Comes From Trust. Trust Your Instincts.
And Never Hope more than You Work. - Rita Mae Brown

‘Every Artist Dips His Brush in His Own Soul,
And Paints His Own Nature into His Pictures. - Henry Ward Beecher  

Innovation is the Specific Instrument of Entrepreneurship..,
The Act that Endows Resources with a New Capacity to Create Wealth. - Peter F. Drucker

The More You Think, The More Time You Have.” - Henry Ford

Creativity is Discontent Translated into Arts. - Eric Hoffer

Quotes about creativity and passion

Creativity Follows its Own Rules.

There is Creativity in Passion, the Wise Finds it.

The Create Art with all the Passion in one’s Soul is to Live Art with All the Beauty in One’s Heart.

Passion is Energy. Feel the Power that Comes from Focusing on what Excites You.

Passion Never Fails..

Fashion is My Passion, and I Respect the Creativity that You Find in its Different Levels.

People, Art, Creativity, Passion, and Purpose that’s My Life.

Creativity in Motion, Passion & Inspiration (at) Work.

It is a Beautiful thing when a Career and a Passion Come Together.

Passion is One Great Force that Unleashes Creativity,
Because if You’re Passionate about something,
Then You’re more Willing to take Risks.