Quotes about Family

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: May 21, 2015
Family! What I can say about Family! Family is life; no one can ever stay without their family. Family is all about loving each other, caring for the entire family members, all time guider. Family is a most strong support of our life, they are the people who teach us how to face problems, and they can never left us alone in problem they are always with us in good time and bad time. Without Family, you are nothing; they always provide us moral support which we really need all time. SmsLootere.com team gives you a best way to express your feeling which you can never say to family. Quotes about family are an awesome collection about family just visit once and feel what family is for you.

Quotes about family life

Family where Life Begins & Love never Ends…

The Love of a Family is Life’s Greatest Blessing...

Family is Like Music,
Some High Notes, Some Low Notes,
But Always a Beautiful Song..

Family is the Journey of Life gives Us Memories,
We can Cherish Together Forever..

When U Look at Ur Life,
The Greatest Happiness are Family Happiness..

Every Family has its Problems.
But Admire Those that Stick Together..

Having Someone to Love is Family,
Having Someplace to go is Home,
Having Both is a Blessing..!

Family is Most Important thing in Life..

Family Like Branches on Tree,
We all Grow in Different Direction,
Ye Our Roots Remains as One..

Family makes the House a Home..

Quotes about family vacations

A Vacation is what You take when You can no Longer take what You've been Taking.
- Earl Wilson

After all, The Best Part of a Holiday is Perhaps not so much to be Resting Yourself,
As to See all the Other Fellows Busy Working. - Kenneth Grahame

‘A Vacation is Having Nothing to do All Day to do it in.’ - Robert Orben

A Man doesn't have Vacation Problems – 
His Boss tells Him when to take Them, and His Wife tells Him where. - EVAN ESAR

We Travel Not to Escape Life, but for Life not to Escape Us.

‘Isn't it Amazing How much Stuff We get done the Day Before Vacation..?’ - Zig Ziglar

“When All Else Fails, Take a Vacation.” - Betty Williams

Find What Brings You Joy and Happiness, Go There.

Vacations Interfere with Momentum. - Daniel Kirschenbaum

“Life is a Trip Plan Your Next Vacation.” – Matthew E. Fryer

Quotes about family and love

Love makes a Family..

Family isn’t Always Blood.
It’s the People in Ur Life who want U in theirs.
The 1es U Accept U 4 who U r.
The 1 who would do anything to See U Smile, and who Love U No Matter what.

Family is not an Important9 thing. It's Everything.

The Love of a Family is Life’s Greatest Blessing.

Family means no 1 gets Left behind or 4gotten.

Family – A Group Experience of Love and Support.

Rejoice with Family in the Beautiful Land of Life.

Having Somewhere to Go is Home.
Having Some1 to Love is Family.
Having Both is a Blessing.

Our Family – A Circle of Strength,
Founded on Faith, Joined in Love,
Kept by God.

Love of Family Member makes House a Home.

Quotes about family problems

I know Every Family has its Problems. But I Admire those that Stick Together.

Sometimes Problems don’t Require a Solution to Solve them;
Instead they Require Maturity to Outgrow them.

Everybody’s Family has Problems.

Scrabble is the Root of Most Family Problems.

The Problem is, Obesity Runs in Our Family.
No, The Problem is No-One Runs in Your Family.

I've had a Rough Past with Family Problems,
But You don't Need to Bring it Up. You're not Perfect either so Sit down. 

Always be kind to Your Parents.
Everyone has Arguments, but always remember to Help them through their Problems.
Keep Family Close.

Deal with Your Problems before they Deal with Your Happiness.

He is Despondent Over Family Problems.

You can’t Choose Your Problems.
But, You can Choose How You Handle Them.