Quotes about Fathers

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: May 26, 2015
Father! The Man Himself in many roles, a role model for his son and a first love for his daughter. I think I don’t have to explain much about Father because we all know him how is he. We all Love our Father because he is the person who taking care of our family, he is the man who protecting us all the time, on whom the whole family depends. He is the person who loves us with his strict nature, warm nature, caring nature, polite nature, in short all in one. Father is a pillar of family; he only wants to see his family happy for that he can do anything. Here SmsLootere.com team has brings you a Great Collection of Quotes about fathers, because sometimes it’s good to text to father that you loves him so much.

Quotes about fathers and sons love

No Love is Greater than that of a Father for His Son..

My Father gave me the Greatest Gift any1 could give another Person,
‘He Believed in Me’

A Father Sees Himself in His Child’s Eye..

A Dad is Some1 who wants 2 Catch U b4 U Fall
But Instead Picks U Up, Brushes U off,
And Lets U Try Again…

He can Play Like a Kid, Give Advise Like a Friend,
And Protect Like a Body Guard..!

He Who can Be a Good Son, will Be a Good Father..!

A Father is Some1 You Look UP To,
No Matter How Old You Grow..

Dad, Your Guiding Hand on My Shoulder will Remain with Me Forever.

The Only Super Man I know, is My Dad.

I cannot Think of any Need in Childhood as Stronger as Need 4 a Father’s Protection.


Quotes about fathers and daughters relationship

I cannot Think of any Need in Childhood as Strong as the Need for a Father's Protection.

The Reason why Daughter’s Love their Dad the Most is…
That there is at least 1 Man in the World who will Never Hurt Her…

Dads are Most Ordinary Men Turned
By Love into Heroes, Adventurers, Story-Tellers, Singers of Songs.

Dear Daddy, I may Find a Prince Someday,
But You will Always be My King.

A Daughter may Outgrow Ur Lap,
But She will Never Outgrow Ur Heart.

I am a Princess, not Because I have a Prince,
But Because My Father is a King.

The main Reason why a Daughter needs a Dad is to Show her that,
Not all the Boys are Like the Ones who Hurt Her.

A Daughter will hold Your Hand for a Little while,
But Hold Your Heart for a Lifetime.

The First True Love any Girl has is Her Father.
No one will ever Replace Him as the Love of Her Life.

“To a Father Growing Old Nothing is Dearer than a Daughter”. - Euripides


Quotes about father’s day

A Dad is Some1 who wants to Catch You before You Fall but Instead Picks You Up,
Brushes You Off, and Lets You Try Again. Happy Father’s day

Dad whatever You are, You are gone but You will Never Forgotten.
Happy Father’s day to Lovely Dad

The Greatest Gift I Ever had came from God, and I call Him DAD!
Wish You Happy Father’s day

Any Man can be a Father but it takes Someone Special to be a Dad.
Happy Father’s day Papa

I know that I don’t Say it Enough, but Thanks Dad for Everything that You Do!
Happy Father’s day Dad!

A Father is neither an Anchor to Hold Us Back, nor a Sail to take Us there,
But a Guiding Light whose Love Shows Us the Way. A Happy Father’s Day to You

A Person who is Always Ready to Play Catch;
Who Holds Your Hand No Matter How Old You are;
A Father is a Person who is Always there when You Need a Shoulder to Cry on.

I Always thought You’d make a Great Dad… Now I Know it.
Happy Father’s Day to an Amazing Husband!

I Wake Up Each Morning with Handsome Man Next to Me,
The One I Cherish, I also Admire for You for Being a Terrific Father.
Happy Father’s Day

You make Me Happy! You make Our Children Happy.
You’re a Great Father, a Great Husband and a Great Man.
We all Love You, Dearly! Happy Father’s Day

Quotes about father in laws

You are more than Father-in-law, You are My Dad.

My Father-in-law Loves His Son and Grandchildren, yet also Genuinely Loved Me as a Daughter.

No Matter How I have been, You always Stood by Me,
What is Father-in-Law I don’t Know, in You a Perfect Dad I See.

There are Plenty of Father-in-law in this World of Ours,
But I have the Very Best One, One I Really Adore..

Humor is always based on a Modicum of Truth. Have You ever heard a Joke about a Father-in-law?

Thank You for Raising Your Little Boy to be the Man of My Dreams!

How Blessed I am, how Fortunate I’ve been.. that You are My Father-in-law and also My Friend!

Thanks for being such a Wonderful Dad-in-law.
Here’s wishing the Best of Blessing and Good Luck.

One of the Lights in My Life… My Father-in-law.
Very Few of Life’s Guiding Lights are as Amazing as You.

I’m so very Lucky, I’m so Happy too, to have a Great Father-in-law some1 as Wonderful as You.