Quotes about Friendship

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: May 20, 2015
Friends are very important part of our life. There is no friend so there is no life, if you have to enjoy your life in real way than you have to hangout with friends to feel what fun is and even you get to know that who you! It is true that you can be original means openly behave as you are actual in front of your true friend only, and a true friend is who, who knows all about you n still your best friend. Everyone should have at least one friend with whom you can share your all the worries, happiness, and all you what you want to. Sometimes friendship has to pass from bad phrase that not means that friendship gone some time it makes stronger and sometimes it just remain as formality. Try to be touch with your friends and make your friendship stronger every day. Visit our SmsLootere.com Site for some good collection of Quotes about friendship.

Quotes about friendship inspirational quotes

My Dear Friend! You Are My Sun Shine!

Friendship is a Package of Feelings,
Nobody can make it, Nobody can Break it, Nobody can explain it,
Only We can Feel it…!

Friends are Flowers in the Garden of Life

Best Friends are Like Stars…
You don’t always See them, but You Know they are Always there..

A Friend is a Sweet Person when Your Life isn’t So Sweet!

A Memory lasts 4ever.. Never has it died
True Friends stays 2gether and Never Say Goodbye..

Your True Friend is Always there,
Not Just for a Day or Two, but Forever..!

”A Friend is One who Walks in when others Walk Out!”

I Think the way to keep a Friendship is to Respect that Everybody is Different!

In Life We Never Lose Friends,
We Only Learn Who the True Ones Are!