Quotes about Happiness

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: May 18, 2015
It is Good to be Happy without any Reason, if You can do that no one will make You Sad or Unhappy. There is nothing Good to be Happy with always a Positive Attitude and Positive thought. Happiness comes to whom who see the Life in Positive way, try to make everyone Happy, always do something to be happy and try to find Happiness in small-small things. Happiness always choose that person who always smiles, make others smile and reason of someone’s smile. Happy person inspire others to stay happy, positive and also it is secret key of success because it may gives positive strength and positive strength always works in success. SmsLootere.com team also says You to be happy always and also gives you a great collection of Quotes about happiness.

Quotes about happiness and love romance

”EveryOne in the World is SomeOne’s Dream”….!

”True Love is Better than First Love”

If She is Sad don’t Look at Him/Her ‘Kiss Him/Her’..

I Love U, not only for what You are,
But for what I am, when I am with You.

There is Only One Happiness in Life,
‘To Love and To Be Loved’

I Need U, and You Need Me,
That’s the Way It’s Supposed to Be.

Your Love is the Best Gift I have Ever Got,
I will always keep Close to My Heart.. Love U

When It’s You & Me, Nothing Else Matters..

I just want You Close, where You can Stay Forever..

Nothing in this World Compares to the Comfort
& Security of having Someone Just Hold Ur Hand.


Quotes about happiness quotes about smiling

Never Regret Something that Once made You Smile.

Let Ur Smile Change the World,
But don’t Let the World Change Ur Smile..!

It will Either Warm their Heart,
Or Piss them off… Either Way U Win..!

Be Happy with the Little that You have.
There are People with Nothing that still Manage to Smile.

Smile and the World Smiles with You.
A Smile is Happiness You will Find Right Under Your Nose.

Keep Smiling and One Day Life will get Tired off Upsetting You.

Whatever makes You feel Bad, Leave it.
Whatever makes You Smile, Keep it!

There’s So Many Beautiful Reasons To Be Happy.

Dear Whoever is Reading This, Smile.
Life is too Short to be Unhappy.

No Smile is Sweeter than One on Lips that have Tested the Pain of Tears.

Quotes about happiness inspirational

Hold 10 Roses in Ur Hand & Stand Opposite to the Mirror U will See the 11 Roses,
The 11th Beautiful Rose in the Beautiful World is Ur Smile.

Smile & Passion are Real Debit Cards of Life, Pay now and Enjoy Later.
Anger & Ego are Like Credit Cards of Life, Use now and Pay Later.

Happiness is not Something Ready made. It Comes from Your Own Actions.

It is not how much We have, but how much We Enjoy, that makes Happiness.

Be Happy for this Moment. This Moment is Your Life.

Be Happy with what You have. Be Excited about what You want.

Smile.. Happiness Looks Gorgeous on You..!

The Time to be Happy is NOW..

Life is not about making Others Happy.
Life is about Sharing Your Happiness with the Others.

It is not Easy to find Happiness in Ourselves, and it is not Possible to find it Elsewhere.