Quotes about Life

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: May 11, 2015
Life is so Beautiful if we Live with lots of Joy and Happiness, Life Wonderful if we Live as much as we can. Life is like Music if we can play it better; Life is a Journey we can celebrate every day. There is dream which we follow in our life and we will like to come true. Life is about caring, sharing, believing, loving, adventure, struggle, dare, celebrate and to enjoy. Life is like one time opportunity there was something gone will never come again. So if you want to live your Life follow your Heart and follow your Dream, be Real, be True, be You, stay Strong and enjoy your life as you can. So enjoy your life and make others to believe in life by sending SMS of our latest collection of Quotes about life. We always do our best to gives you the best, with love SmsLootere.com.

Quotes about life being beautiful

A Beautiful Life begins with a Beautiful Mind.

The Simplest thing in this World is Our Life,
And Most Complicated thing is the Way we Live it.

Every New day is Another Chance to Change Your Life.

Because when You Stop and Look around this is Life Pretty Amazing.

Life is too Short to Miss Out on being Truly Happy.

Life is Beautiful, You Just gotta Notice it..

Enjoy the Little things in Life.. 4 One day You’ll Look back
And Realize they were the Big things.

Life is not about Waiting for the Storm to Pass,
It’s about Learning to Dance in the Rain.

You can’t Start the Next Chapter of Your Life,
If You keep Re-Reading the Last One.

Life a Story makes Yours the Best Seller.


Quotes about life and death

The Tragedy of Life is Not Death..
But what We Let Die Inside of Us while We Live.

Life Hurts A lot more than Death!

If You don’t Live for Something, You will Die for Nothing.

“I believe in Life B4 Death.”

Death is Merciful; It Deprives Us 4m thoughts about Death.

When We have Lost Everything,
Including Hope; Life becomes Disgrace & Death a Duty.

We all Die. The Goal isn’t to Live 4ever, the Goal is to Create Something that Will.

Anger Over Death cannot Reverse or Change It.
It can make the Pain Worse.

The Fear of Death Follows from the Fear of Life.
A man who Lives Fully is Prepared to Die at any Time.

“Wise is He who Builds a Legacy of Love that Death can Never Steal.”


Quotes about life being a journey

Somewhere I Heard..
Life is Beautiful but Very Soon I Realized..
Lots of Conditions Apply..!!

Take on Risk and Ride the Journey Called Life with No Regrets.

‘Life is so Confusing’
What we want we don’t Get, what we get we are not Satisfied,
What we Expect Never Happens, what we Hate Generally Repeats..
That’s Life…!!

Every New Day Crowns Us with New Beginnings and Glorious Possibilities.
Be sure to make Every Moment in this Journey Called Life Count.

Sometimes in Life,
We Become so Focused on the Finish Line that We Fail to Find Joy in the Journey.

The Journey of Life Is not Meant to be Feared and Planned;
It is Meant to be Travelled and Enjoyed.

Life is a Journey with Problems to Solve,
Lessons to Learn, but Most of All, Experiences to Enjoy.

We must be Willing to let go of Life We had Planned,
Sp as to have the Life that is Waiting for Us.

The Journey Between who You Once were, and who You are now Becoming,
Is where the Dance of Life Really takes Place.

Those Blocks on Your Life Journey can either be Road Blocks, Or Building Blocks.
It’s Up to You to Choose.

Inspirational life quotes

‘Always Wrong Person Teaches Us, the Right Lessons of Life’.

Nice Thought:
We Always Feel that Life of Others is Better than Us..!!
But, We Always Forget that We are also ‘Others’ for Someone Else..

The World Around You is as Good as You, just Believe it.

Life is Rope that Swings Us thru Hope,
Always Believe 2day is much Better than Yesterday &
2morrow will be Better than day..!

Every1 will not get Everything… this is the Way of Life,
Don’t Try to get which is not Yours.. 
But, don’t Dare to Loose which is ‘Only Yours’…

How Great would it be, if at the End of the Day,
Life would Ask You…
“Save Changes??”

The Best Moment of Life are,
1 which We Actually Spend Together,
And the Second, 
When ‘Together We Recollect those Special Moments..!

Most Touching Msg about Life,
“We came with the Fear of not knowing Anybody!!
But We will Go with Tears after Knowing Everybody…!

Gr8 saying – “Don’t Complain about others, change Urself if You want Peace”
“Bcz its Easier 2 Protect Ur Feet with Sleeper then 2 Cover the Each with Carpet.”

Life is So much Brighter when We Focus on What Truly Matters…