Quotes about Love

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: May 19, 2015
Love is Life! Everyone should fall in love with someone to live their best time of their life. I feel love is everywhere like we can’t say that only two people who in love can say there is love. Love is everywhere, if there is trust there is love and trust is a base of love. There are many names of love like mom’s pure love, father’s love, brothers, sisters, friends, family love, love at first sight love, long distance love and true love. My god! See I said love is everywhere… hahahaha. We all need at least one person who understand and always be with us in any situation no matter who that is whether Mom, dad, friends or our love. Our Smslootere.com team offers you wonderful collection of SMS and here we bring another good collection of SMS of Quotes about love.

Quotes about love and friendship

A Good Friend Knows All Your Best Stories,
A Best Friend has Lived them with You..

Love is Blind,
But Friendship Closes its Eyes.

The Secret of Friendship is being a Good Listener.

A Friend is Someone who knows all about You
And Still be with You

Willing to take Risks Together & for Each Other.
That’s true friendship.

No Matter how Rare True Love is,
True Friendship Happens Even Rarer..!

My Friends are the Most Weirdest, Most Craziest People I know
But I Love them..

Real Friends don’t have to Speak or See Each Other
Daily to Remain in Each Other’s Heart Always

Friends are Like Stars, they Come and Go,
But the Ones that Stay, are the Ones that Glow..

”Don’t walk behind Me; I am not Lead.
Don’t walk in front of Me; I am not Follow,
Just walk beside Me and be My Friend.”


Quotes about love and distance

Distance is Just a Test to See How Far Love can Travel..!

I’m Jealous of People who get to See You Everyday..!

Distance Means so Little when SomeOne Means so Much..

I can’t Wait for the Day where I get to be in Your Arms..<3

No Matter where We are, We will Always be Under the Same Sky.

When Two Hearts are Meant for Each Other,
No Distance is so Far, No Time is so Long,
And No Other Love can Break them Apart.

Distance isn’t an Issue because in the End, I have ‘YOU.’

I would Walk a Thousand Miles, Just to See Ur Face.

Miles can’t Separate Two Hearts that Really Care.

Even though we are Distance Apart,
I still Think of You and Feel You and Your Smile.


Quotes about love and relationships

Most Jealous line with Lovely Feelings,
‘It’s not that I want U with Me Every time, but,
It’s just I don’t want Any1 else to have U for a Second…’

The Best Relationships Usually begin Unexpectedly.

Never Stop doing Little things for Others,
Sometimes those Little things Occupy the Biggest Part of their Heart.

When U Decided 2 Love, Allow it to Grow,
When U Promise 2 Love, Refuse to Let it Go,
Coz Love is a Painful Risk 2 Take..
Only Love makes U Cry & Only Love Knows why..!!

Real Truth of Life:
“Missing Someone can Turn from ‘Pain to Pleasure’
Only when “We get to know they were Missing You Too”.

When Some1 Loves You, the Way they Talk about You is Different.
You feel Safe and Comfortable.

When You Fall for Some1’s Personality, Everything about them becomes Beautiful.

You don’t Want to Live Your Life and then Meet Some1.
You want to Share Your Life with Some. 

May be Sometimes Love Needs a Second Chance,
Because it wasn’t Ready the First Time Around.

The Quality of Your Life is the Quality of Your Relationships.

Quotes about love and marriage

Any Home can be a Castle when the King and Queen are in Love.

My Most Brilliant Achievement was My Ability to be able to Persuade My Wife to Marry Me.

I’m Feeling Alive and with Every Breath that I take, I Feel Like I’ve Won. You’re My Key to Survival

Marriage doesn’t make You Happy, ‘You make Your Marriage Happy’.

“You come to Love not by Finding the Perfect Person, but by Seeing an Imperfect Person Perfectly.”

When You make the Sacrifice in Marriage,
You're Sacrificing not to each other but to Unity in a Relationship.

Marriage is the Golden Ring in a Chain whose Beginning is a Glance and whose Ending is Eternity.

I Love being Married.
It's so Great to Find that One Special Person You want to Annoy for the Rest of Your Life.

A Good Marriage is not just about Marrying the Right Person,
It is also about being the Right Person.

The Most Valuable thing in Marriage is that You won’t Suffer from Your Loneliness Alone.