Quotes about Reading and Writing for Kids

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: May 30, 2015
It’s Easy to write about Kids but yet it’s not that much easy that you think. Writing is skill, which cannot every person can do, and reading is Hobby that also not every person likes to. Kids are very special for everybody and yes mostly everybody loves kids, but write about kids is not an easy job for that you must have to understand kids. SmsLootere.com team has got some beautiful collection from Dr Seuss and from Bible; here you can read Quotes about reading and writing for kids.

Dr seuss quotes about reading

‘The more that You Read, The more Things You will know.
The more that You Learn, The more Places You'll Go.’

Fill Your House with Stacks of Books, in all the Crannies and all the Nooks.

Be Awesome! Be a Book Nut!

You are Never Too Old,
Too Wacky,
Too Wild,
To Pick Up a Book and Read to a Child.

You can get Help from Teachers,
But You are Going to have to Learn a Lot by Yourself,
Sitting Alone in a Room.

You can Find Magic wherever You Look,
Sit Back & Relax, All You Need is a Book.

Unless Someone Like You Cares a Whole Awful Lot,
Nothing is Going to Get Better. It’s not.

Today You are You, that is Truer than True.
There is No One Alive Who is Your than You.

You have Brains in Your Head; You have Feet in Your Shoes.
You can Steer Yourself any Direction You Choose.

You do not Like Them. So You Say. Try Them! Try Them! And You May!


Quotes about reading the bible daily

Take all that You can of this Book upon Reason,
And the Balance on Faith, and You will Live and Die a Happier Man. - Abraham Lincoln

Within the Covers of the Bible are the Answers for all the Problems Men Face. - Ronald Reagan

The Primary Purpose of Reading the Bible is not to Know the Bible but to Know God.
– James Marritt

The More You Read the Bible, the more You’ll Love the Auther.

The Bible is Meant to be Bread for Daily Use,
Not Cake  for Special Occasions.

I Started Reading the Bible.
All of a Sudden the Words Jumped of the Page and become Real. – Austin Peck

The Bible Shows How the World Progresses. 
It Begins with a Garden, but Ends with a Holy City. - Phillip Brooks

A Well-Read Bible is a Sign of a Well-Fed Soul.

You can Learn more about Human Nature
By Reading the Bible than by Living in New York. – William Lyon Phelps

Political Freedom is a Political Reading of the Bible. – Whittaker Chambers