Quotes about Relationships

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: May 24, 2015
Relationships about love, caring, giving and most important Relationships are about Trusting. If your relationship is good than you will feel top of the world but if there is no trust in your relationship you always have to face problems in your relationship. There after you may have to suffer from relationships ending, falling apart because there after nothing will work out in your relationship, if there is love but no trust so nothing will work out. Relationships are life but it keeps changing if people keep changing and then love a just word that’s it. If you want to maintain you relationship than keep Trusting, loving and do something new to make your relationship always fresh and new. Our SmsLootere.com team wishes you all the luck for you relationship and also get some fresh collection of Quotes about relationships.

Quotes about relationships and trust

“The Best Proof of Love is Trust.”

Distance doesn’t Ruin a Relationship, Doubts Do..!

Without Love, Respect and Trust,
A Relationship cannot Last as a Healthy & Happy Bond.

No Trust – No Relationship,
Just 2 People Spending Time 2gether.

In a Relationship,
Trust is Important than Love.
It will Enhance Ur Love..

Trust is Such a Huge Word..
It Either makes Something or Destroy It..

Maybe It’s Hard to Forgive,
But to Trust again is the Hardest.

Trust is Everything, but Once it’s Broken Sorry Means Nothing.

Trust Takes Years to Built, Seconds to Break, and 4ever to Repair!

“Without Trust, it’s only a Matter of Time B4 Relationships Crumble.”


Quotes about relationships ending

Sometimes it takes a Painful Experience to make Us Change Our Ways..

You Learn more about Some1 at the End of a Relationship than at the Beginning.

The Moment You Lower Your Expectations Marks,
The Beginning of the End of Your Relationship.

Love is Like Two People Pulling a Rubber Band,
If One Lets Go, it Hurts the One who Held On.

Relationships End too Soon because,
People Stop putting the same Effort to keep You as they did to Win You.

Just because the Relationship Ended, doesn’t Mean the Feelings Did..!

Even if We can’t be 2gether in the End,
I’m Glad that You were a Part of My Life.

Letting Go doesn’t mean Giving Up,
Bur Rather Accepting that There are Things that cannot be.

Some People are mean to Fall in Love with Each Other,
But not mean to be 2gether.

It’s Better to have Ur Heart Broken Once y Walking Away,
Than to Stay & have it Broken Over and Again.

Quotes about relationships falling apart

Loving the Wrong Person doesn’t Mean You’re Stupid,
It was Stupid of that Person not to Appreciate Your Love.

The most Touching Lines Ever said by a Person who had been Hurt a lot,
‘Everybody Fooled Me Always.. Because I Always Loved them Like a Fooled.’

“When We Like Some1 a lot, they become a Part of Ourself,
That’s why it Pains Us so much when We Miss them, bcoz We Miss a Part of Ourself”.

A True Fact:
“When Someone Stops getting Angry on You,
It is Clear that You have Lost Ur Importance from their Life”.

Sometimes when Things are Falling Apart they may Actually be Falling into Place.

Sometimes, Two People have to Fall Apart to Realize,
How Much They Need to Fall Back Together…

So True:
Relationship would Never Fall Apart if Only We have the ‘Clear History Button’.

Sometimes Good Things Fall Apart so Better Things can Fall Together.

Things that came Apart could be put Together again, but Never Exactly the Same.

Sometimes You have to Completely Fall Apart &
Lose Your Self b4 You can Figure Out Who You Really are.