Get Well Soon messages

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: June 03, 2015
It’s a saddest thing to be ill in life, personally saying that I hate to be ill. I hate medicines but when we are suffering from illness, we have to take it to get well soon. I think sometimes it’s good to be ill because we can know that for whom we are special and who is going to take care of us. And I think it’s good that we get some times to take rest because our body also needs some rest after doing whole day work and from our routine schedule. We feel special when our loved ones taking care of us and are with us all time. A Get Well Soon messages from our near one can make us feel good, so team doing the best to provide you best so say Get well Soon to you dear ones who are ill at this time.

Get well soon sms quotes

Sending My Brightest Wishes, To Say Hope You Get Well Soon.

Really We are wishing You for Quick Recovery and Missing You Very. Get Well Soon

Hope Today Finds You Feeling Much Better!

The Stars are Watching Over You is Make a Bright Star of You. Get Soon Well!

Why U Choose this Particular Time to Get Sick, Seems to Us an Insensitive Choice.
So don't be so Selfish, don't be a Sloth come back so We all can Rejoice. Get Well Soon

I Know it is no Fun to be Sick.
So have all Your Medicines on Time and Get Well Soon.

The Most Important Thing in Illness is Never to Lose Heart.
Our Prayers are with You, Get Well Soon.

I Wish I had Magic Wand to make it Go Away,
I’d Wave My Scepter Over You Until You were Okay.

While You Rest and Recover. I’ll be Next to You
Praying and Hoping for a Smooth and Quick Recovery.

Hey I am Sending You Daily Doses of Love and Good Luck,
Please take it with Your Medicines to Get Well Soon.


Get well soon message for loved one

Sending My Warmest Hugs and Wishes.
May You Regain Your Strength and Feel Better Soon.
Wishing You to Get Well Soon.

The Sun is Up, the Birds are Chirping and,
You are Just a Few Degrees Away From this Beautiful Weather.
Get Well Soon.

Sorry to Hear You’re Not Feeling Too Good,
Please get Well Soon, Lots & Lots of Love..

Hoping that U r Feeling Better Now,
Bcz I Miss You Every Time, I am Always Worried For You,
Get well soon Dear..

Sometimes Words are not Enough to Describe My Feelings 4 U!
I Hope that U will Come back Home Healthy as soon as Possible!
Get Well Soon with Love

You take Care of Me so well Always Dear now that,
You are Unwell is My Perfect Chance to Get Back at You. Get well soon Dear.

Hope this Happy Get Well Note adds Sunshine to Your Day,
And Shows You that You’re Thought of,
In a Warm and Special Way!

Tight Hugs and Sweet Kisses… to make You Feel Better!

I may not be There to Take Care of You, But as for Replacement,
I am Sending My Hugs and Kisses… Get Well Soon My Love

You’ve just been Hugged by Me!
Prescribed Thrice a Day.. (Morning, Noon & Night)
There should be Well Enough Soon!

Get well soon english sms for friend

Take care of Yourself My Friend. We Hope to See You.
Up & Running and Back Again, the Place isn’t the Same without You..
Get Well Soon..

Sending Warm and Lovely Wishes to Brighten Up Your Day..
Hope You Feel Better Soon…

I Miss Your Laughter and Your Vibrancy.
Wishing You a Fast Recovery.. Get Well Soon.

Good Health is Boon that You will get back soon,
So let’s Count the Hours to it. Please Accept My wishes and Get Well Soon.

I Feel so Bad to Hear that My Dear Friend is not keeping well.
Let Me Know if I can be any Help.

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.. Get Well Soon.

Maybe You are Down now , but with the Love and Care that We are for You,
You shall soon Recover. Get well Soon.

To a Friend who is Ill. May all the Messenger of Health Attend You and Speed a Swift Recovery!
Get well soon My Friend.

Prayerful wishes for a Miracle Moment to Brighten Your Day. Get well soon.

A Little Sunshine for You… to Help You Feel Better! Get well soon.

Funny get well soon sms

Get Well Soon so People at Work don’t Realize You do Nothing Around Here.

If You weren’t so Likable, then maybe those Darn Germs wouldn’t Like You so Much.

Get Well Soon! I miss Acting Like a Fool in Public with You.

Get Well Soon! So We can make Fun of You again and Not Feel Bad.

Feel Better. But in Meantime, Keep a Safe Distance, Please.

Get Well Soon So that I Find You Attractive again.

Don’t Look so Worried! Those Doctors know what they are doing.
Hang in there, and Get well soon.

Wishing You a Speedy Recovery from Your Imaginary Illness.

Get Well soon before the Company Realize You’re Expendable.

“I’m Sick of You being Sick!” Get Well Soon.