Heart Touching English SMS Collection

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: June 02, 2015
Lovely Relations are Like Ring, if we wear it, it will hold our Finger tightly. If we remove it, it will surely make Us to feel its absence. How wonderfully and in Heart Touching way the Message describes the relation of finger and ring. It’s true that it is not easy to stay without Your life partner but sometimes we can’t do anything, all we can do is missing them. Life is like an exam, it teach us so many things that what to do and what to not. Here is some Heat touching lines from SmsLootere.com, as always we try our best to provide you best collection and here we have Heart touching english sms collection.

Heart touching lines

Why We are made to Write with Pencil when We were Small? & Now with Pen??
Because Mistake made at that time were Allowed to be Erased but not Now…

Sometimes We Maintain Silence to Protect Our Beautiful Relationship.
But too much Silence Creates a Distance in Every Beautiful Relationship.

A Single Moment of Misunderstanding is so Poisonous.
That it makes Us Forget Hundred of Lovable Moments Spent Together.

We Hate Some Person Because We do not Know Them,
And We will not Know Them Because We Hate Them.

Don’t be Upset if U Choose Wrong People Sometimes,
Bcz without Choosing Then U will Never Know the True of the Right Ones..

Sometimes in Life its Difficult to Decide What’s Wrong?
“A Lie that Draws a Smile on Our Face”,
Or ‘The Truth that Brings Tears in Our Eyes’

Sometimes You have to Pretend that U are Happy and Fine,
Until You Realize that Ur Pretension has Become Ur Strength to Move On.

Cute Truth – A Person who Tries to keep Every1 Happy,
& Always Care for Every1 is Always the Most Lonely Person.

Loving You is Like Breathing, How can I Stop??

There is Always Some1 who care for You without Your Knowledge.


Heart touching sms for boyfriend

There is a Place You can Touch a Woman that will Drive Her Crazy… Her Heart...

There is Nothing more Beautiful than a Person,
Whose Heart has been Broken, but still Believes in Love.

Our Eyes are Placed in front,
Because it is more Important to Look Ahead than to Look Back.

One Day You’re going to Remember Me and How much I Love U
Then You’re gonna Hate Urself 4 Letting Me Go.

Walking Alone is Much Better than Walking Alone in Group…

Everything What We wants, Comes After We Stop Looking for it.

Walking Alone is not Difficult,
But when We Walked a Mile with Some1 then… 
Coming Back Alone is Difficult.

Most Difficult Situation in Life Comes when U have to Convince Urself,
That u Don’t Like Some1 whom U Love more than Urself.

You Hurt Me more than what I Deserves,
Is it just because I Loved You more than You Deserves.

The Most Difficult Struggles are the One You Fight With Yourself.


Heart touching sms for friends

Heart Touching Msg,
‘True Friends may not be able to give their Life for You,
Bt they can Definitely give Your Life Back to U when U think U have Lost it…’

I thank God for Stitching Some Beautiful People into the Fabric of My Life,
May God keep All My Precious THREADS Always Happy.

A Lover makes You Realize, ‘How Wonderful the World is’,
But it’s a Friend who makes You Realize, ‘How Wonderful You are!

Why is a Group of Friends called “Friend Circle”?
Coz, Square has 4 Ends, Triangle has 3 Ends, Line has 2 Ends,
But Circle has NO END!!

Best Lines Said 2 a Friend:
Don’t say Thanks to Me for what I do for what I do for You..
Just be there for Me when I Need You..

I know I am Good Friend,
Coz whenever My Friends think of the Moments Spent with Me.. They “SMILE”.

A Best Friend is Some1 who Tells You the Truth Even when You don’t want to Hear it.

A True Friend is Some1 who Reaches 4 Ur Hand and Touches Ur Heart.

Dear Friend! I was never Tired of this Life,
And it’s not gonna Matter if I fall Down Twice,
Coz I know each Time I fall, You won’t Let Me Hit the Ground.

Hey My Dear Friend Who Cares Me more Than Urself,
Let Me Assure You that I will be Your Good Friend,
In this Life and the After Life Even If It Is In Heaven Or Hell.