Husband Wife SMS in English

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Husband and Wife a true life partner who living their life happily even they are different from each other and still want to stay together whether if they fighting every day or later say sorry and then loving each other as a true soul mate live. There are many little and special moment a couple living when they get a little time to spent, all that little and special moment together make a wonderful life of Husband Wife. No doubt that every couple are fighting, shouting for any matter, don’t talk with each other for a couple of days but they know that they can’t live without each other. team has again got a great collection of Husband Wife SMS in English, so share this collection with your Spouse and makes them special.

Husband Wife relationship

A Relationship Between ‘Husband & Wife’ must be Like ‘Fish & Water’,
But not Like ‘Fish & Fisherman’.

Husband and Wife have a Solemn Responsibility to Take Care for One Another..

A Pious Wife can make a Poor Man Feel Like the Richest Man in the World.

A Relation is Like Where You Talk Like Best Friends,
Play Like Kids, Argue Like Husband & Wife, and Protect Each Other Like Siblings.

Husband and Wife Relationships are Like the Relationship of Tom&Jerry,
Though they are Teasing and Fighting but can’t Live without Each Other.

A Good Husband is Wipes Her Tears,
But a Great Husband Listens to the Story of why She’s Crying.

When a Man Says ‘I Accept’ at a Marriage Ceremony,
He is Saying I Accept the Responsibility of Providing for My Wife,
Loving Her and Protecting Her.

The Relation Between ‘Husband & Wife’ is Like, the Relation Between Hand & Eyes.
If the Hand gets Hurts, the Eyes Cries, & if the Eyes Cries the Hand Wipes its Tears.

The Relationship Between Husband and Wife should be One the Closest Friends. – B. R. Ambedkar

The Sample of Bringing Up Children is the Relationships Between,
A Wife and a Husband, a Mother and a Father.


Husband Wife funny sms in English

The Relationship Between Husband & Wife is Very Psychological,
One Is Psycho and the other is Logical.

Husband- I want Divorce. My Wife hasn’t Spoken to Me in 6 Months.
Lawyer- Think about it Once Again, Wife Like that are Hard to Get!

2 Advise 4 Married Man-
Never Laugh at Ur Wife’s Choices; U r 1 of them,
Never Be Proud of Ur Choices; Ur Wife is 1 of them.

Wife- I will Die.
Husband- I will also Die.
Wife- why will U Die?
Husband- bcz I can’t Bear the Excitement when U Die.

A Wife said 2 Her Husband- U Know, I was Fool when I Married U.
Husband Replied- Yes Darling, but I was in Love & didn’t Notice.

Wife- I am not Talking to U.
Husband- Ok
Wife- don’t U want to know the Reason?
Husband- no, I Respect & Trust Ur Decision.

Wife- what can u do 4 Me?
Husband- I can Eat Maggie 4 U.
Wife- awww.. That Much U Loves Me..

Height of Misunderstanding-
Wife is not Talking to Husband,
& thinking that She is Giving Punishment to Him.

A Man’s Angry wife Packed His Bag and said ‘Get Out’!!!
As He walked out the Front Door, She Screamed,
‘I Wish U a Slow & Painful Death, U Idiot’
Husband- ‘Oh, SO now U want Me to Stay!!’

Height of Misunderstanding-
A Man Marrying His Own Secretary,
Thinking that She will still Follow His Orders as B4!!!

Husband wife romantic sms

When I Feel U, When I Look at U, I can’t Deny there is God,
Because God could have Created Some1 as Caring as U. Thanks for be with Me.

Every Day of My Life is Perfect because it Starts and Ends with Loving You…

So Far, Every Moment We’ve Spent Together has been Awesome.
But I Promise You, that the Best is yet to Come..

Your Love is..
Sweet and Exciting
Heart-warming and Tingling
Passionate and Sensational
Protective and Inspirational
Warm and Funny
Cute and Cozy
Hot and Luscious
Charming and Delicious.

I Fought, You made Up,
I Argued, You Agreed,
I Cried, You Reassured,
I Loved.. You Love Me Back Even More..

All My Problems, All My Worries,
Just Melt Away when You Smother Me with Your Kisses.

You make My Whole World Go Around.
You make My Whole World Stand Still.
You make My Life worth Living.
You make Me the Person I am!

Any Home can be a Castle when the King and Queen are in Love.

Husband and Wife are Like a Pair of Scissor.
Joint Together, often Moving in Opposite Directions yet Punishing Whoever comes between them.

The Alarm’s Ring, A Sunny Morning
You Deep Kiss, Pure Bliss
Worries at Bay, Rest of the Day
Come Night Hug You Tight
What a Life , Love being Your Wife…

Husband wife jokes facebook

After a Terrible Fight –
Wife – I want to Hear a Last Word 4m Ur Mouth and after that,
I’ll Permanently Go to My Mother’s House.
Husband – ‘TAXI’..!!

Wife – what is 10 Years with Me?
Husband – A Second.
Wife – what is $1000 for Me?
Husband – A Coin.
Wife – ok give Me a Coin.
Husband – Wait a Second!

Wife – Honey, what are You Looking for?
Husband – nothing.
Wife – why have U been Reading Our Marriage Certificate 4 an Hour?
Husband – I was just Looking 4 the Expiry Date.

Lady – how does Your Husband come Home on Time Regularly?
Wife – I have just made a Simple Rule.. ‘Romance will Start Sharp @9pm,
With You or without You.’

Wife to Husband – You don’t Love Me at all…
Husband Points 2wards their Children and says –
Then do You think I’ve Downloaded these from Internet?

Wife – You had Lunch?
Husband - You had Lunch?
Wife – I am asking U.
Husband - I am asking U.
Wife – U Copying Me?
Husband – U Copying Me?
Wife – Let’s Go Shopping.
Husband – I had Lunch.

Marriage is a Relationship in which One Person is always Right & the other is Husband.

In this World Everybody makes Mistakes..
But Girlfriend, Wife and Boss have the Gifted Talent of Finding them,
Remembering them and Reminding them.

Man – How do You Please Your Wife?
Man2 – when You are Wrong, admit it. When You are Right, Shut Up.

Judge – why did You Beat Your Husband’s Head with a Chair?
Wife – because the Table was too Heavy for Me to Lift.