Insult SMS in English

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: June 05, 2015
If you want to Insult someone than here team has collected a good collection to teasing your friends and even for your girlfriend. But be aware it can be dangerous for you, because it will come back to you. This is the best way to teas to those people who teasing you all time, and here we have the best insulting collection of Insult SMS in English. So don’t wait and start teasing to them who irritating you all the time.

Funny insult sms for friends

I Called You that day on the Road, You were Looking Awesome and Ur Walking so Perfectly even I Started to Sing a Sweet Song!!! WHO LET THE DOGS OUT.

Are You Really Stupid or Pretending??

Hey! I’m at Police Station. The Police Caught Me & Filed a Case Against Me of “Possession of Good Looks. I’m Doomed, Need Some Ugly Donkey-Monkey 2 Bail Me Out, Where r u?

Thats ME...
Don’t Feel Sad... Ur Name is also there, Read the First Letter of Every Word.

Now days the Most Teasing Word for Girls which Used by You is ‘I LOVE U’.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, You shuld know what U r,
And 1ce U know what U r, Mental Hospital is not so Far.

Lost in a Zoo I saw many Animals..
Mouse, Birds, Monkey… Oh My God!..! U 2

Don’t Ever think I 4got U.
I am Watching Ur Every Moment by 3 Different Sources…
1 - Discovery
2 - National Geography
3 - Animal Planet

I don’t Believe in Plastic Surgery. But in Your Case, Go Ahead!

Your network tariff has changed! 
Call charges R now calculated According to brain Size. 
The Smaller the Cheaper! Congrats You can make Free Calls!


Insult sms for girlfriend

I’m not here Right now so Cry Me a River,
Build Urself a Bridge, and Get Over it.

Anybody who told You to be Urself,
Simply couldn’t have given You Worse Advice.

Are You Always this Stupid,
Or are You making a Special Effort Today?

If I want Ur Opinion , I’ll ask U to Fill out the Necessary Forms.

Don’t feel Special, I only keep Ur Number in My Phone,
So I know not to Answer when U Call.