Jokes SMS in English Language – Very Funny

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: June 21, 2015
Life without Fun is Impossible! There is no fun in our friends group when we don’t have at least one friend who cracks a joke every time to see us Happy. Jokes make us happy and it makes us laugh till our stomach starts paining, and if the joke cracked by our friend than we will surely cry happily after listening that joke. has collected special and very funny collection of Jokes SMS in English Language – Very Funny, so be that person in group who makes happy all by cracking funny jokes.

Latest jokes for whatsapp

Why did God Create Man 1st, b4 Creating a Woman..?
Coz, its Always Good to make a Rough Draft 1st, b4 making a Masterpiece.

Your Intelligence is My Common Sense.

Tension Happens in Brain & felt in Heart,
Then why People get Heart Attack when they are in Tension &
Get Mad when They are in Love..
May b Some Wiring Mistake ;p

You don’t know Something? Google it..!!
You don’t know Some1? Facebook it..!!
You don’t Find Something?.
Some things Never Changes.

Don’t be Upset if People Preferred another One than You..
It’s Hard to Convince the Monkey that Strawberries are Sweeter than Bananas.

True!! “You can’t be Best Friends Without Insulting Each other Constantly..”

Love Never Dies… Only the Lover Changes..;P

Only 2 things can Change a Women’s Mood –
1 – I Love You
2 – 50% Discount

Diary Page of a Young Girl:
“My Mom says- it’s not Ur House, u have to get Married 1 Day.
But, when it’s time 2 Clean, it Magically becomes My House!”

When Your Girlfriend Blocks You on Facebook,
It’s called an Electric Divorce.