Kiss SMS in English

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: June 08, 2015
When people are in love with someone than Hugs and kisses are most special thing they share with each other. When people are in love they feel special and they will do anything for their partner, kisses are beautiful thing which people can share with their husband, wife or girlfriend, boy friend. will always gives you best collection of SMS, and here we have another good category which all kisses lovers will love. So here we have special SMS collection of Kiss SMS in English, share this collection with your partners.

Love Kiss Sms in English

Life is the Gift of God;
Love is the Gift of Life;
And a Kiss is the Gift of Love!

Kissing is like Drinking Salted Water.
You Drink and Your Thirst Increases.

When You Place Your Lips on Mine,
It is not Them that You Kiss but My Soul.

Kissing is Means of Getting Two People so Closer Together,
That They can’t See anything Wrong with Each Other..

If Kissing is the Language of Love,
Then We have a lot to Talk About.

The Fluffy Cloud may Kiss the Sky, The Rose may Kiss the Butterfly,
The Morning Due may Kiss the Grass, But You My Love, may Kiss My Lips!

My Eyes are Eager to See You, My Ears are Eager to Listen You,
My Lips are Eager to Kiss You, and My Dreams in Night are Eager to Welcome You..

A Kiss is a Lovely Trick Designed by Nature to Stop Speech when Words become Superfluous..!

In Your Arms I Feel so great the Warmth, the Love.
Best Place is in that State Hold Me, Love Me, Hug Me, Kiss Me.

If a Kiss could say Just How Much I Love You,
My Lips would be on Yours Forever!

Kiss sms for girlfriend

Kiss of U.S.A Girl ‘So Sweet’
Kiss of Australia Girl ‘Oh So Hot’
Kiss of African Girl ‘Once More’
Kiss of Gujarati girl ‘Do but don’t Tell to Any1’.

Let Me Kiss and Hold You, Let Me Show You how I Feel, Let Me be there 4 You, Let Me Love You.

Kissing a Girl on the Forehead is One of the Sweetest Things in the World.

I don’t want to Kiss Her, but I want to Tell Her How Beautiful She is…

I Never Thought that Love could Feel Like this,
Then You Changed My World with Just One Kiss.

Kisses Seal what Two Hearts Feel…

Every Time We say Good Bye, I wish We had One more Kiss!

You Hugs & Kisses are the Only Sunshine I Need…!

A Kiss is Purely Organic and Naturally Sweet.
Is has Absolutely No Artificial Ingredients and it’s 100% Wholesome.
And Here’s One for You.. Muah..!

Love is Heat. You are Sweet. When Two Lips are Meet. Love is Complete.