Love SMS in English

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: June 09, 2015
Love! Isn’t a Beautiful thing to fall in? here comes with the best category which every one surely like. Who doesn’t like to talk about love! And if a person who is in love with someone is feeling that he/she is not from this world, he/she feels that they are in another World where there is only Love everywhere around them. If you are truly in love with someone than show your love to them, so that they also can fall all over for you. I feel everyone should fall in love at least once, so that they can live the best time in their life and not miss the beautiful moment of their life. Share this Beautiful collection of Love SMS in English with your loved one.

Cute romantic love sms in English

Boy n Girl Walking in a Temple-
Boy- can I Hold Ur Hand?
Girl- Why? Do You Think wud Run Away?
Boy- No, Jst wanna See How it Feels Walking in Heaven with an Angel.

No Matter How Many Gorgeous Faces U Set Ur Eyes Upon,
If You Already Set Ur Heart 4 Some1, U will Hardly Notice Any1..!!

The Real Feeling of Love in Ur Heart,
Will surely give U at least 1 Chance to Spend Some time with that Person,
Even Though they are not in Your Destiny.

It’s True that U Change Only the One Whom U Care 4 the Most..!
 But the One Who Changes You is the One Who Loves U the Most!

Love takes Effort & Acceptance.
It won’t Always be a Happy Ride; You’ll Cry when U are Hurt,
You’ll be Sad when Ignored. But Hold on & Always Remember,
‘Love only Hurts when It’s Real’.

When You do Something 4 Ur Love one, It’s not Showing them how Much U Love,
It’s about Satisfying Urself that Yes U made Them Special Today..!

William Shakespeare Says-
‘Talk with Ur Loved One at least Once in a Day,
Otherwise You will Miss Ur Best Care in this World.

Make a Relation with Someone, Who is not only Proud to have You,
But will take Every Risk just to be with You….

For Every Day, I Miss You,
For Every Hour, I Need You,
For Every Minute, I Feel You,
For Every Second, I Want You.

Do You Suddenly Feel Warm, Nice and Loved?
That’s Because I Just Hugged You in My Thoughts!


Heart touching love quotes for a loved one

Live Beautifully. Dream Passionately. Love Completely.

Short but True Saying:
If It’s not Forever It’s not Love..

Everybody knows How to Love,
But only Few People knows How to Stay in Love with 1 Person 4 a Very Long Period of Time.

Sometimes Words cannot Explain the Feeling of Mind,
But Still I can Find the Love in Your Eyes..

Every day I Spend with You is the New Best Day of My Life..

Come Live in My Heart and Pay No Rent..

I know I am in Love with You, because My Reality is Finally Better than My Dreams.

Love doesn’t make the World Go Round. Love is what makes the Ride Worthwhile.

Love is when You can still Feel their Hand on Your Heart when they're not Near.

I may not be Your First but I Plan to be Your Last.

Beautiful love sms in English

If any One Loves U, Obviously U R Lucky. But, If any 1 Understands U, then U R the Luckiest,
Coz those who Understand U Only can Love U throughout Life.

Only Two kind of People will not Mind anything You say..
The 1 for whom You are Nothing…  And
The 1 for whom You are Everything..

Some1 said to God: I Hate Life.
God said: who told You to Love the Life?
Just Love the Person who Loves You & the Life Itself will be Lovable.
Just Experience.

You’ve made Me Feel Beautiful when I thought I was Nothing.

May Deep and True Feelings of Mine, Penetrate in Your Heart and makes You My True Soul mate.

Love You Forever and Forever, Love You with all My Heart.
Love You whenever We’re Together, Love You when We’re Apart.

Our Love is Like a Flower.
It’s Beautiful, Radiant, Divine, Affectionate and Pure.
I’m so Glad to Be with You.

I Feel so Happy Around You.
When You are not with Me, it is Your Memories that Brighter Up My Gloomy Days.
I will Love You Forever!

All the Treasures and Luxuries in the World would mean nothing without You being there.
You are the Jewel of My Life. I Love You..

When I tell You I Love You, I don’t say it out of Habit.
I say it to Remind You that You’re the Best thing that Ever Happen to Me.

Sweet love sms

When I Found You I Felt as if My Heart has Found its Destination.

There will always be Room for Your Hand in Mine.

Mathematics of Love –
1+1 is Everything and 2-1 is Nothing..

What I Need to Live has been given to Me by the Earth.
Why I Need to Live has been given to Me by You..

I can Fake a Smile when I Feel Sad,
I can Pretend to be Happy when I Feel Bad,
But 1 thing I can’t do, is Pretend that I don’t Love You.

Every Moment I Spent with You.. is Like a Beautiful Dream Come True.

I Love You. You Annoy Me more than I Ever thought Possible.
But I want to Spend Every Irritating Minute with You..

True Love neither be Found where it Truly doesn’t Exist,
& nor can it be Hidden where it Truly does.

I have more Reasons to Love You than I have Reasons to Breathe.

Some1 who Believes Me,
Some1 who Loves Me for Me,
Some1 to Call My One and Only,
That Some1 is You, My Baby. I Love You