Miss U SMS in English

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: June 10, 2015
The entire world will look like unpopulated when you miss someone truly! What a beautifully a line can express our Feelings. Mostly we miss that person, with whom we want to be all the time because we don’t want to miss them but we don’t have any other option. It sounds so beautiful when someone tell us that they are missing us a lot. SmsLootere.com team has collected a wonderful collection of Miss U SMS in English for you to share this collection with whom you missing and share this collection with your near one so can also tell their near one that they are missing them.

Miss u short sms

Time goes by a lot Slower when You Miss the One You Love.

I Miss You a Little, A Little Too Much, A Little Too Often, and A Little More.

I’m Tired of Missing You, I Just want You Right Here by My Side.

A Day without You is Like a Day without Sunshine…

Life without You Not Possible.. I Miss You

I did Three Things Today; Miss You, Miss You, and Miss You.

I Misses You More than Sun Misses the Sky at Night.

Why are You So Far Away?? I Miss you So Much..

When I Close My Eyes, I See You.
When I Open My Eyes, I Miss You.

Without You Every Day is a Rainy Day. I Miss You!