Motivational Messages in English – New Collection

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: June 19, 2015
Maturity and Understanding is the most important thing in a life and Positive thinking makes anything possible in life. There are many times in life we have to find out our own way to walk and we have to learn how to stay strong and alone. Because it is necessary to be alone sometimes so we get some time to know about ourselves and to know about strength. Always be Motivational in life so you will see the life in a different and a positive way. Motivational Messages in English – New Collection is all about be Motivation in life, read once you will surely like it from

Motivational sayings sms

Best Words from Heart –
‘If We have a Person to Wipe Our Tears, We will Love even that Tears..

Best Thing to Lead a Happy Life,
“Forget who Hurts You Yesterday..
But, don’t Forget those who still Love You Today..”

Don’t Feel Bad if Someone Rejects You,
We Usually Reject Expensive things because we can’t Afford them.

You can Close Your Eyes to things You don’t want to See,
But You can’t Close Your Heart to things You don’t want to Feel.

Sometimes Bad things in Life Open Your Eyes to the Good things You weren’t Paying Attention to Before.

What You can do Today can Improve all Your Tomorrow…

People will..
Hate You,
Rate You,
Shake You,
And Break You.
But How Strong You Stand is what Makes You.

You don’t Die if You Fall in Water, You Die only if You don’t Swim…

You Never know how Strong You are until Being Strong is the Only Choice You have.

You don’t have to See the Whole Staircase, just take the First Step.


Sad motivational thoughts

We can Calculate everything, even the Speed of Light,
But we can’t Calculate the Hate of the People Behind their Smile..!

Very Short but Very True Fact –
In Today’s World, “Untold Sacrifices are Never Valued…!!

Sometimes U will Never know the True Value of a Moment Until it Becomes a Memory.

True Fact..
“The Person who brings Out the Best Qualities in You and makes You Strong,
Actually Becomes Your Weakness…

Thought to Think –
“Running from Problems will only Increase Distance from Solution.”

A Stage which Surely comes Once in Everyone’s Life..
 Where shall I Go?
To the Left were Nothing’s Right.. or..
To the Right where Nothing’s Left..

You know why it’s Hard to be Happy?
It’s because We Refuse to Let Go of the Thing that make Us Sad..

I’m Stronger because of My Hard Times,
Wiser because of My Mistakes, &
Happier because of My Sad Experiences.

Just because the Past Taps You on the Shoulder,
Doesn’t Mean You have to Look Back..

Crying doesn’t Mean that the Person is Weak..
But it’s Means that Person has a Heart..