Quotes about Cheaters

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: June 08, 2015
It is said that History repeats itself, so whatever you had done will comes to you in future. If you had done good things so you will surely get good times in return but if you cheated anyone or more people than you should face same thing in return. Never cheat any people in life because it hurts more and that is not good thing to do so be the best and never cheat anyone in life because Cheaters never win. SmsLootere.com has brought collection of Quotes about cheaters, so be aware of cheaters and don’t cheat with anyone.

Quotes about cheaters never win

There's Nothing Wrong with Material things as Long as You don't Lie, Cheat and Steal.
- Bikram Choudhury

Cheaters Never Win and Winners Never Cheat.

Don’t Cheat if You are not Happy Just Leave.

Cheating is Easy. Try Something Different Like Being Faithful.

Liars and Cheaters may Score a Few Runs, but They’ll Never Win the Game.

Most People Cheat Because they’re Paying More Attention to what they’re Missing Rather than what they have.

‘It is Better to Suffer Wrong than to do it, and Happier to be Sometimes Cheated than not to Trust.'
- Samuel Johnson

I would Prefer even to Fail with Honor than Win by Cheating. – Sophocles

The First and Worst of all Frauds is to Cheat Oneself. - Gamaliel Bailey

It's much Easier to Cheat than it is to be Loyal.
Everyone goes through Down Times. You just don't put Urself in those Situations, You know?
 - Ali Larter

Quotes about cheaters and liars in a relationship

Cheating and Lying aren't Struggles; they're Reasons to Break up.

Most People Cheat because they are Paying more Attention,
To what they are Missing, rather than what They have.

Don’t Understand Why People Cheat, if U r not Happy, Just Leave.

‘If You Cheated Accidentally, I will Leave on Purpose.’

Stop Believing the Liars, Trusting the Backstabbers & Loving the Heart Breakers.

Cheating on a Good Person is Like Throwing Away a Diamond and Picking Up a Rock.

I'm not Upset that You Lied to Me, I'm Upset that From now on I can't Believe You.

Things come Apart so Easily when they have been Held Together with Lies.

Lies and Secrets.. are Like a Cancer in the Soul.
They Eat away what Good and Leave only Destruction Behind.

Lies will always be Bitter in the End, No Matter How Sweet You Made it at the Beginning.