Quotes about Courage

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: June 09, 2015
Courage comes with self confidence, if you believe in yourself than no one can afraid you. Life is all about risk; take a risk to make your future bright. If you will afraid to do anything than how you can complete your dream and how can you make your future. Always be brave in life no one knows that when you have to face any hard situation. You will success or not that another thing but if you are not trying at least once that’s not good thing. SmsLootere.com team has collected good collection of Quotes about Courage for you, so you can share this collection with your near one to make them brave.

Quotes about bravery

Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight.

I Learned that Courage was not the Absence of Fear, but the Triumph over it.
The Brave Man is not he who does not Feel Afraid, but He who Conquers that Fear.
- Nelson Mandela

Success is not Final, Failure is not Fatal – It is the Courage to Continue that Counts. 
- Winston S. Churchill

Be Brave Even if You are not, Pretend to Be.
No One can tell the Difference.

A Hero is No Braver than an Ordinary Man,
But He is Braver 5 Minutes Longer. - Emerson

Be Brave.
Remember that Bravery is not Lack of Fear,
But the Ability to Move 4ward in Spite of Fear.

 Be Brave - Take risks - Nothing can Substitute Experience. - Paulo Coelho

You can - You should - And If You are Brave Enough to Start, You Will. - Stephen King

It is Better to be a Lion 4 a Day, than a Sheep All Your Life.

“A Brave Man Acknowledge the Strength of Others”. – Veronica Roth


Quotes about strength and hope

H – Hang O – On P – Pain E – Ends
You have the Strength You need to Get Through this.

Don’t Lose Hope, Everything Happens 4 a Reason.
You Never Know what Tomorrow may Bring.

Hope Finds its Fulfillment when Nurtured through Faith and Shared with Love.

At the End of the Day, You all Need Is Hope and Strength.
Hope that it will get Better and Strength to Hold on Until it Does.

May Your Choices Reflect Your Hopes, Not Your Fears.

Hope is like a Road in the Country;
There Never was a Road, but when Many People Walks on it, the Road comes into Existence.

Faith to Light the Darkened Sky,
Strength to Carry on,
Love to Touch and Heal the Soul,
Hope to Grace the Dawn.

When the World says ‘Give Up’, Hope Whispers ‘Try one more Time’.

Don’t Lose Hope.
When the Sun goes Down, the Stars Come Out.

When Life Leaves You Broken, Wounded and Shattered, Hope will Give You Strength to Face another Day.

Quotes about courage over fear

Courage Is One Step Ahead of Fear.

Fear is Met and Destroyed with Courage.

Courage is not the Absence of Fear, but the Triumph Over it.

Courageous People do not Fear Forgiving, for the sake of Peace.

Courage is Resistance to Fear, Mastery of Fear, Not Absence of Fear.

Courage is not the Absence of Fear,
But rather the Judgment that Something else is more Important than Fear.

Fear is Never a Reason for Quitting, it is only an Excuse.

Courage is Knowing what not to Fear.

Courage is Acting in the Face of Fear.

Without Fear there cannot be Courage.

Quotes about courage and leadership

Leadership Requires the Courage to make Decisions that will Benefit the Next Generation.

A Great Leader’s Courage to Fulfill His Vision Comes From Passion, not Position.

The Best Leader is not only Develop Us, they Advocate Our Future.

The Courage of Leadership is Giving other the Chance to Succeed,
Even though You Bear the Responsibility for getting things Done.

If You have Courage to Begin, You have the Courage to Succeed.

Lead with Courage. And the going gets Rough, Create Your Own Sunshine.

Leadership Shows Judgment, Wisdom, Personal Appeal, and Proven Competence.

Leadership is Intelligence Honesty & doing the Right thing.

Leaders don’t Create Followers, they Creates more Leaders.

The most Courageous Act is Still to Think for Your Self Aloud.