Quotes about Fake People

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: June 05, 2015
There are many types of people in the World, some are nice, some are egoistic, some are fake and Meanful, some are two faces, some are good and some are with great human being. It says that everyone in the world are master in hiding their problems and in their feeling, because they feel that it’s not good to share everything with anyone who can cheat you with their need. We can’t judge a person as per their Personality because no one can ever know how they are. SmsLootere.com team always tries their best to bring you good collection of Quotes and SMS, so here again we get a good collection of Quotes about fake people.

Quotes about fake love and lies

When You said You will be there for Me, Guess You Meant only when Times are Good.

No1 Forced You to Love Me, so why did You Need to Pretend? Your Lies have Left Me Heartbroken.

It’s Sad when Some1 can Walk Right by You and Pretend, You were Never a Big Part of their Life. - Ajern99

Real Love You Feel it, You See it, You Show it!
But Fake Love is Just Words…

You said ‘I Love U’, I said it Too.
The Only Difference is I didn’t Lie to You.

We Live in a World Built on Promises, Constructed by Liars.

You Promised that You’d Never Leave! Where are You Now?

I have no more Trust, Since You have Already Destroyed it more than Once. – Darknesslover

Just because I’m here for You all the Times,
Doesn’t Mean You can take Me for Granted.

Loneliness is Better than a Fake Relationship.

Quotes about being yourself

Be Yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

You are Lucky enough to be Different, Never Change. Be Your Self.

Always be Yourself, Express Yourself, have Faith in Yourself,
Do not Go out and Look for a Successful Personality and Duplicate it.

Be Yourself, but always Your Better Self.

Be Yourself, don’t take Anything from Anyone, and Never let them take You Alive.

Be Who You are, not Who the World wants You to be.

I don’t Care what You think about Me. I don’t think about You at All.

It takes Courage to Grow up and become who You Really are.

The Biggest Challenge in Life is being Yourself.. In a World Trying to make You Like Everyone else.

You are You. Now, isn’t that Pleasant?