Quotes about Flowers

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: June 04, 2015
Flowers are special part of our life; there is spiritual connection between flowers and God. A flower can make your day if it is gifted by our special one; especially people are using red roses to propose their loved one with who they want to be in relationship and with whom they wants to marry and spent their whole life with them. There are many types of flower plants in the world and they are simply just awesome, I love flowers and how beautifully god created flowers with awesome colors. Quotes about Flowers collection is specially collected for you so share this special collection with your special person, with love SmsLootere.com team.

Famous quotes about flowers and happiness of life

Keep Love in Ur Heart,
A Life without it is Like a Sunless Garden when the Flowers are Dead. - Oscar Wilde

There are Always Flowers for Those who want to See them. - Henri Matisse

Raise Your Words not Your Voice,.
It is Rain that Grows Flowers, Not Thunder. - Rumi

“Let Us Dance in the Sun, Wearing Wild Flowers in our Hair...” - Susan Polis Schutz

Happiness is the Natural Flower of Duty. – Phillips Brooks

Happiness is not a Destination it is a Way of Life.

When Words Escape, Flowers Speak. – Bruce W. Currie

Life is the Flower of Which Love is the Honey.

The Best Feeling of Happiness is when You’re Happy,
Because You’re made Somebody Else Happy.

What Sunshine is to Flowers, Smiles are to Humanity. – Joseph Addison


Quotes about spring flowers blooming

Where Flowers Bloom so does Hope. – Lady Bird Johnson

‘While You only See the Seed within You,
I See the Flower Blooming.’ – Kapiel Racy

A Flower cannot Blossom without Sunshine,
And Man cannot Live without Love. – Max Muller

Be Always Blooming, Like Flowers.

The Flower that Blooms in Adversity,
Is the Most Rare and Beautiful of All.

When One Flower Blooms Spring Awakens Everywhere. – John O’Donohue

Spring is Nature’s Way of Saying, ‘Let’s Party!’. – Robin Williams

Live in Peace. Spring will Come and the Flowers will Bloom Themselves.

All the Flowers of Tomorrow are in the Seeds of Today.

Every Flower is a Soul Blooming in Nature. – Gerard De Nerval

Quotes about flowers and gardens plants

A Garden Requires Patient Labor and Attention, 
Plants do not Grow Merely to Satisfy Ambitions or to Fulfill Good Intentions,
They Thrive because Someone Expended Effort on them.

The Glory of Gardening- Hands in the Dirt, Head in the Sun, Heart with Nature.
To Nurture a Garden is to Feed not just on the Body, but the Soul.

What Grows in the Garden, so Lovely and Rare? Roses and Dahlias and People Grow there.

A Garden to Walk in and Immensity to Dream in what more could He ask?
A Few Flowers at His Feet and above Him the Stars.

Plant Your Own Garden and Decorate Your Soul,
Don’t Wait for Some1 to bring You Flowers.

If You have a Garden and a Library, You have Everything You Need.

“My Garden is My Most Beautiful Masterpiece.”

My Hands will get Dirty Holding Your Rose-Like Heart,
Because Love is Like Gardening - it’s Earthy and takes Work to keep it Alive..

Gardens and Flowers have a Way of Bringing People Together, Drawing them from their Homes.

A Garden isn't meant to be Useful. It's for Joy.