Quotes about Respect and Love

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: June 01, 2015
Respect and Love both things should everyone need in this world. There are some nice saying words that ‘if you give respect and love so you will get respect and love in return.’ Mostly we are respecting them who are elder than us and yes we all are respecting our Mom - Dad and family. The most important thing in relationship is also respect and love, if you respect your partner they will respect you and their love will grow more and more day by day. If you will show respect to others they also should respect you, so be nice to all and respect to all they will give you back what you will give them. Here are a good collection of Quotes about respect and love from SmsLootere.com team.

Quotes about respect for parents

Parents can only give Good Advice or put them on the Right Paths,
But the Final Forming of a Person's Character Lies in Their Own Hands. - Anne Frank

Respect for Ones Parents is the Highest Duty of Civil Life.

Respect Your Parents at Any Age.

‘Appreciate Your Parents.
You Never Know what Sacrifices they went through for You.’

‘No Love is Greater than Mom’s Love,
No Care is Greater than Dad’s Care..’

We Never Know the Love of a Parent till We Become Parents Ourselves.
- Henry Ward Beecher

A Father's Goodness is Higher than the Mountain,
A Mother's Goodness is Deeper than the Sea. - Japanese Proverb

The World Talks to the Mind.
Parents Speak More Intimately, They Talk to the Heart. - Hain Ginott

The Child Supplies the Power but the Parents have to do the Steering. - Benjamin Spock

A Child Who is Allowed to be Disrespectful to His Parents will not have True Respect for Anyone.
- Billy Graham


Quotes about respecting others

Respect People’s Feelings. Even if doesn’t mean Anything to You,
It could mean Everything to Them.

Respecting Urself and Others.
A Missing Human Quality. ‘Old Fashioned Need a Come Back.’

Respect is for Those Who Deserve it, Not for Who Demand it.

Respecting Others is a Big Discipline. – JP Joshi

Treat Others with Respect and Others will Respect You.

Respect for Ourselves Guides Our Morals;
Respect for Others Guides Our Manners. – Laurence Sterne

Respect Others. Help Others. Love Others.
There are the Keys that Unlock Our Soul.

Happiness is in Your Ability to Love Others. – Leo Tolstoy

Treat People the Way You wanted to be Treated,
Talk to People the Way You wanted to be Talked to,
Respect is Earned, not Given.

The Most Beautiful People in the World are not Those with Attractive Faces or Skinny Body,
But Those Who Know How to Respect the Beauty of Others.


Quotes about respect in relationships

A Great Relationship is about Two things,
1st – Find Out the Similarities,
2nd – Respect the Differences.

Respect is One of the Greatest Expressions of Love.

Without Respect Love is Lost, Without Caring Love is Boring,
Without Honesty, Love is Unhappy, Without Trust, Love is Unstable.

A Perfect Relationship takes a lot of Practice to Work.
A lot of Sacrifice, Pain, Regret and Honesty.
Most of all, it takes a lot of Respect.

I Think that is a Good Relationship, we Got Two Partners.
One the Male, is called to Lay Down his Life,
And the other is called to Respect Her Husband.

Relationship Sink when they have too many Passengers.

Respect People’s Relationships:
There’s so many other Fish in the Sea,
So why Mess with One that’s Already been Caught.

Without Communication, there is no Relationship,
Without Respect, there no Love.
Without Trust, there’s no Reason to Continue.

Trust, Respect, Loyalty and Communication;
4 Essential Parts of a Successful Relationship.

Relationship is Rainbow between 2 Hearts Sharing 7 Colors of Feelings –
Love, Sadness, Happiness, Truth, Faith, Secret & Respect.