Quotes about Strength

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: June 02, 2015
Strength + Personality + Confidence + Hard Work= Success. Success comes to those people who have good strength and have that ability to do whatever with hard work with confidence in their selves. We all need success in life and everyone has their own dreams which they want to come true. Good Strength gives us positive power and passion to do hard work, so whatever we are going to do we have to stay strong and have to faith in ourselves and yes of course a good strength. SmsLootere.com team has collected a good collection of Quotes about strength to make you positive and provide you strength.

Quotes about strength and faith

Faith is taking the First Step Even When You don't See the Whole Staircase.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

It is not because Things are Difficult that We do not Dare,
It is because We do not Dare that They are Difficult. – Seneca

I tell you the truth, If You have Faith as Small as a Mustard Seed,
You can say to this Mountain, 'Move from Here to There' and it will Move. - The Bible

Faith Believes in Something when Common Sense tells You not to.

Faith is Unseen but felt, Faith is Strength when We Feel We have None,
Faith is Hope when all Seems Lost. - Catherine Pulsifer

Faith gives You an Inner Strength and Sense of Balance and Perspective in Life.

To Let Go, You don’t Need Strength. You Need Faith.

Be Faithful in Small Things because it is in Them that Your Strength lies. – Mother Teresa

You Gotta Faith it Till You Make it.

Faith is to Believe what You do not See; The Reward of this Faith is to See what You Believe.
- Saint Augustine


Quotes about strengths and weaknesses

Mistakes are Committed by Strong as well as Weak People.
Difference is Strong People Admit the Mistake,
Whereas the Weaker Ones Looks for Excuses.

Build on Your Strength, Work on Your Weaknesses. – Minh Tan

Sometimes You don’t Realize Your Own Strengths,
Until Someone Tries to take Advantage of Your Weakness.

Success is Achieved by Development of Your Strengths,
Not by Elimination of Our Weakness. – Marilyn Vos Savant

It is a Sign of Strength , not of Weakness,
To Admit that You don’t Know all the Answer. – John Lougbrane

Sometimes the Biggest Strength can be Found in How You Understand,
And Confront Your Greatest Weaknesses.

Concentrate on Your Strengths, Instead of Your Weaknesses,
Concentrate on Your Power, Instead of Your Problems. – Paul J. Meyer

Our Strength Grows Out of Our Weaknesses. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Never Compare Your Weakness To Other People’s Strengths.

You Think It’s a Weakness??
Make it Strength. It’s a Part of You. So Use it.