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by SmsLootere - Last Updated: June 03, 2015
To express is good thing because we don’t get that much moment to express our feelings to those whom we want to express like our Family, we always know that our family is our moral support and family will always there to support us. It’s all about saying and expresses what we think and what we people wants to say. Always express your mood whether it’s sad or happy, because if you express yourself to your loved ones they will get how to be with you and how to get your happy mood back. If there SmsLootere.com team gives you the best SMS to express and to share a good collection than why to wait for? Here are a wonderful collection of Quotes and sayings enjoy it.

Quotes and sayings about memories

The Best Thing About Memories is making Them.

The Town was Paper, but the Memories were Not. - John Green

Every Man's Memory is His Private Literature. - Aldous Huxley

Sometimes You will Never know the Value of a Moment Until it becomes a Memory. – Dr.Seuss

Good Times Come and Go, but the Memories will Last Forever…

The Best Memories Comes From the Craziest Ideas.

This is how Memories are made by Going with the Flow. – Amanda Bynes

We don’t Remember Days, We Remember Moments. – Cesare Pavese

Even Painful Memories are Ties that Bind. – Milan Kundera

Memories are Only as Good as People make Them.


Quotes and sayings about lies and trust

I am a Good Enough Person to Forgive You,
But not Stupid Enough to Trust You Again!

Hurt Me with Truth but Never Comfort Me with a Lie.

I'm not Upset that You Lied to Me, I'm Upset that From now on I can't Believe You.
-  Friedrich Nietzsche

If You tell the Truth, You don't have to Remember Anything. - Mark Twain

For Every Good Reason there is to Lie, there is a Better Reason to tell the Truth. - Bo Bennett

Never Lie to Someone Who Trusts You,
Never Trust Someone Who Lies to You.

‘A Single Lie Destroys a whole Reputation of Integrity.’ - Baltasar Gracian

Big or Small Lies are Lies.

People can Lie with Their Words. But not with Their Eyes.

Trust is Like an Eraser, It Gets Smaller
 and Smaller After Every Mistake.


Quotes and sayings for facebook status

Now and then it's Good to Pause in our Pursuit of Happiness and just be Happy.

Some People Think I'm in Depression, but I'm just Realist in a Depressing World.

In today's World, the Key to Success is to Delete Your Facebook Account!!

Liking Your Own Facebook Status is Like Giving Your Self a High Five in Public.

Your life does not get Better by Chance. It gets Better by Change.

Got a Problem with Me? Solve it. Think I’m Trippin? Tie My Shoes.
Can’t Stand Me? Sit Back Down. Can’t Face Me? Turn Around.

Life is Like a Camera Lens. Focus only on what’s Important and You will Capture it Perfectly.

If Ur Relationship Status Says, ‘It’s Complicated’ then U should Stop Kidding Urself & Change it 2 “Single”.

If You Truly want to Change Your Life, You must First be Willing to Change Your Mind.

I Love Facebook .
‘It’s the only Place I can Talk to a Wall and not Look Like an Idiot’.

Quotes and sayings about life and love

Life is Short, Live it
Love is Rare, Grab it
Anger is Bad, Dump it
Fear is Awful, Face it
Memories are Sweet, Cherish it

Love is Life and if You Miss Love, You Miss Life.

I have Found that if You Love Life, Life will Love You Back.

Life isn’t worth Living for, Unless You have Something worth Dying for.

Live for Today and not Tomorrow, Live for the Now and what’s Here,
Stop Living for what maybe or what may never Come, Live for the Day already Here..

2 Things – 
If it makes You Happy, Do it.
If it doesn’t, Then Don’t.

The Rest of Your Life can be the Best of Your Life… It’s Up to You.

A Good Life is a Collection of Happy Moments.

To those who have given Up on Love,
I say ‘Trust Life a Little bit.’

Sometimes Life just Seems Like Chapters.
Some Good, Some Bad, but all Come 2gether to Create the Story of Our Lives.

Quotes and sayings about change life

It doesn’t Matter where You are, You are nowhere Compared to where You can Go.

Just when I Think I have Learned the Way to Live, Life Changes.

When Life Changes to be Harder, Change Yourself to be Stronger.

You Change Your Life by Changing You Heart.

Every Moment that Changes Your Life. Changes Who You are.

Words can Change how You Feel about Life, Action can Change Your whole Life.

Only You can Change Your Life. No One can Do it for You.

If You get a Chance, take it. If it Changes Your Life, let it.

Every New Day is Another Chance to Change Your Life.

Life is Change, Growth is Optional.