Short Attitude Whatsapp Status

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: June 27, 2015
Status is Trending now a days, it’s like whatever your mind and heart is feeling people putting that as status so it’s like status took the place of what people are feeling. team has gives you a great range collection of SMS and Quotes so now it’s time to give you some awesome collection of Whatsapp Status in a great and in a different category wise. So here we brought you a coolest collection of Short Attitude Whatsapp Status, put this collection as your status and don’t forget to share.

Hey there! Mind Your Own Business.

I don’t Insult People, I Just Describe Them!

Always Remember I am Unique Just Like Everyone Else.

If You Like Me than Raise Your Hands If not, Raise Your Standard.

My attitude is Based on How You Treat Me.

I’m Nobody’s Second Option. Better You either CHOOSE Me, or You Lose Me.

People with Status don't Need Status..

When Some1 Hates You 4 No Reason. . . . . . Give Them a Reason..

Hey there! Do Your Work.

Not Always Available, Try Your Luck..

Attitude is Little Thing that makes a Big Difference.

Improve Your Performance by Improving Your Attitude.

Don’t Judge My Choices if You don’t Understand My Reason.

My Life, My Rules so Keep Your Nose Out of My Business..

Take Me as I am or Watch me as I Go.

Attitude is My Habit... I can’t Change it.

If Attitude could Kill… I could be a Weapon of Mass Destruction..!!

I may not be Perfect but I’m Always Me.

I am a Nice Person with Bad Attitude.

People say I have an Attitude Problem,
I say You have the Problem & I have the Attitude…