Armed Forces Day Quotes

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: July 02, 2015
Armed Forces Day! A day, the best to celebrate for Our Nation’s Real and super heroes, today we can say so many thank you to our Nation’s army for protecting us all the time weather it is day or night they always awake to fight to take care of our nation. Here salutes all the army for protecting their nation from their enemies, we also collected super Quotes to wish them and say them thank you from the bottom of our heart so wish them from the collection of Armed Forces Day Quotes.

Our Men and Women in our Armed Forces are the Real Heroes in this Conflict.

He/She Loves His/Her Country Best who Strives to make it Best.

This Nation will Remain the Land of the Free only so Long as it is the Home of the Brave.

No Duty is more Urgent than that of Returning Thanks.

From Time to Time, the Tree of Liberty must be Watered with the Blood of Tyrants and Patriots.

You know, 1% of Us are in the Armed Forces, Protecting the other 99, and they're all Volunteers.

My Heroes are those who Risk their Lives Every Day to Protect Our World,
And make it a Better Place: Police, Firefighters and Members of Our Armed Forces.

The Patriot's Blood is the Seed of Freedom's Tree.

The Brave Die Never, though they Sleep in Dust; Their Courage Nerves a Thousand Living Men.

People Sleep Peaceably in their Beds at Night only because,
Rough Men Stand Ready to do Violence on their Behalf.