Army Day Quotes

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: July 04, 2015
Army is the men who can die happily for his nation and protect their nation’s people; they awake all the time so that their nation’s people can sleep tension free. team Salutes Army men for their love for nation, they also have family, wife, children but still they never ever get off duty if their presence is necessary for border. I think we have to celebrate this Army Day for the real Heroes and real heroines of our nation for whatever the doing for us. Share this great collection of Army Day Quotes with your friends and family so they can also share with their near one and we can celebrate this day even huger.

The Way that People Dress makes them Part of an Army,
Dressed in their Own Uniform, Determined to do Something.

The Army Teaches Boys to Think Like Men.

I Like to See a Man Proud of the Place in which He Lives.
I Like to See a Man Live so that His Place will be Proud of Him.

“Without Heroes, We are all Plain People, and don’t Know How Far We can Go”.

Loving a Military Man is not Hard.
The Distance is Hard, The Worry is Hard, The Sacrifices are Hard.
But Loving Him… That’s the Easiest thing I’ve Ever Done.

Your Job is to Fight for Our Country,
My Job is to Love and Support You. Thank You for being My Hero.

“If Death Strikes b4 I Prove My Blood, I Swear I’ll Kill Death”.

Bravery is Daring to Try Where Others would Not.

Thank You for Serving Our Country and Protecting Our Freedoms!

We don’t know them all, but We Awe them all! Thank You.