Canada Day Quotes

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: July 11, 2015
I must say that there are too much love, peace and respect in Canada, because what I seen is everyone is just talking about the culture, love and peace of Canada. The Canadian people love their Canada and they have so much respect and Proud to been Canadian. Officially Canada Day is celebrating on 1st July, people are truly blessed to be Canadian and that shows in their love for Canada. So Canadian people celebrate Canada Day by sharing this wonderful collection of Canada Day Quotes with your friends and family and to all Canadian people, stay Blessed and good luck from

Canada is Like an Old Cow. The West Feeds it. Ontario and Quebec Milk it.
And You can well Imagine what it's doing in the Maritimes. Happy Canada Day

When I'm in Canada, I Feel this is what the World should be Like.
Happy Canada Day!

Americans are Benevolently Ignorant about Canada,
While Canadians are Malevolently well Informed about the United States. Happy Canada Day..

A Canadian is Someone who knows how to make Love in a Canoe. Happy Canada Day!!

In a World Darkened by Ethnic Conflicts that Tear Nations Apart,
Canada Stands as a Model of how People of Different Cultures can Live and Work Together in Peace, Prosperity, and Mutual Respect. Happy Canada Day.

I've Seen Some Great things in the Great Country I call Home. Happy Canada Day to all.

Happy Canada Day Everyone! I'm Proud to be Canadian and Live in this Great Country.

There are No Limits to the Majestic Future which Lies before the Mighty Expanse of Canada with its Virile, Aspiring, Cultured, and Generous-Hearted People. Happy Canada Day

Canadians, take this time to Recognize that You Live in 146 Year Young Nation that Offers You Superior rights and Freedoms. Happy Canada day.

Canada is the Homeland of Equality, Justice and Tolerance. Wish You Happy Canada Day.