Motivational Whatsapp Status in English

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: July 08, 2015
The all new trend, do not argue whatever you want to say just set as your whatsapp status. You do not have to say anything your status will say all; here team can helps you to show your strength to people. Here is the most Motivational collection of Motivational Whatsapp Status in English will helps you to set as status and show to people that you are strong enough to handle all the situations and you will never be weak.

Dream Big and Dare to Fail.

Once You Learn to be Happy Alone You won't Tolerate Anyone who can't make You just as Happy.

You make a Living by what You Earn; You make a Life by what You Give.

A Champion is Some1 Who Gets Up, Even when He can’t.

"It does not Matter how Slowly You Go as Long as You do not Stop."

Dream, Dream, Dream Dreams Transform into Thoughts and Thoughts Result in Action.

“If Opportunity doesn’t Knock, Build a Door..”

Stop Saying ‘I Wish’ Start Saying ‘I Will’.

The Harder You Fall, the Higher You Bounce.

If You’re not doing the things that You Love, then Your Life is not worth Living. What are You here for?

Hope is a Waking Dream.

If You don't Ask, You don't Get.

When You Stop Chasing the Wrong things, You give the Right things a Chance to Catch You.

Hard Work Beats Talent when Talent doesn't Work Hard.

Never, Never, Never Give Up.

Lesson in Life will be Repeated Until they are Learned.

Keep Going, Everything You Need will Come to You at the Perfect Time.

Your Life is Your Message to the World, make Sure it’s Inspiring.

I cannot Change Yesterday, but I can Change Today…

If You want to Live a Happy Life, Tie it to a Goal, not to People or Objects.