Sad Whatsapp Status - Heart Touching Line

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: July 01, 2015
Here team comes with another popular category of whatsapp status. Mostly now people show their anger via their whatsapp status, they can’t say anything to whom who has hurt them badly but still want to express their feeling, anger and their sadness. Here the collection of Sad Whatsapp Status - Heart Touching Line, you will surely like the collection and it will help you to express your feelings via your status.

We can’t be Friends ‘Cause I’m still in Love with You..

Sometimes People have to Cry Out all their Tears, to make Room for a Heart Full of Smiles.

The Most Painful Memory… When I Walked Away and You Let Me Go.

I just Need that One Person Who will Stand by Me No Matter What..

The Pain of Love will Never Stop.

One of the Hardest Things to do is to Delete Old Messages that Once Meant a lot to You.

Love is Unconditional, Relationships are Not.

I don’t Need Drugs, Life is Killing Me Slowly all by Itself.

It’s Hard to Answer the Question ‘What’s Wrong? ’ when Nothing’s Right.

You Call it Jealousy, I call it Fear of Losing You..

Sometimes We waste too much Time to Think about Some1,
That doesn’t Think about Us for a Second.

People Cry, not because they’re Weak. It’s because they’ve been Strong for too Long.

I don’t Chase Any1 Anymore. Wanna Walk out of My Life, there’s the Door.
Hell, I’ll even Hold it for You.

Someday You might Miss Me. (at Least I Hope so)

This isn’t a Status… this is just to Show that No Status Matches My Feelings Right Now…

People are Lonely because they Build Walls Instead of Bridges!

Sometimes, You can’t Feel the Fire till You’re already Burned.

The Saddest thing in the World is Loving Some1 who used to Love You.

Invisible Tears are the Hardest to Wipe Away…

I loved You from the Bottom of My Heart but You didn’t Understand.