Short Status for WhatsApp in One Line

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: July 15, 2015
Short Status for WhatsApp in One Line a great stuff is here for you, the best and shortest way to express your feelings in one line as your status. People will love to read short and meaningful lines and now a day people mostly check their whatsapp contact list to see their status and they also want to put a unique and one line status to impress their contacts. team has collected good stuff for you so enjoy and don’t forget to share.

I’m Mr. Right, Someone said You were Looking for Me?

Rules are Made to be Break.

Love Me or Hate Me I’m still gonna Shine.

Live for the Moments other People don’t Notice..

Relax! We’re All Crazy, It’s not a Competition..!

I’m gonna make The Rest of My life – The Best of My Life..

‘Hope’ It’s the only thing Stronger than “Fear”.

It’s only Complicated when You make it Complicated.

Time Flies whether or not You’re having Fun.

Life is too Short to Waste on Hating other People.

Love the Life You Live, and Live the Life You Love.

I talk to Myself because I Like Dealing with a Better Class of People.

One Day Everything will be Okay…

You haven’t Seen My Bad Side yet.

Etc - End of Thinking Capacity.

Waiting for Wi-Fi Network.

I would Call My Fashion Style - “Clothes that Still Fit.”

Enjoy Your own Life without Comparing it with that of Others.

If there is a “WILL”, there are Many Relatives.

Be a Voice. Not an Echo.