Whatsapp Status on Friendship

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: July 14, 2015
Finding a perfect Whatsapp status which suits your whatsapp Dp on friendship? Here you are on right path, here at SmsLootere.com you can get what you are looking for. Friendship is all about being true, mad, and crazy, cry, laugh the entire thing you wants to do with them, a friend is who with whom you can share whatever you want to share. Give importance to your friendship by put a status for them and make them happy, here we have the best collection of Whatsapp Status on Friendship.

Walking with a Friend in the Dark is better than walking Alone in the Light.

A True Friend is Some1 who is there for You when he’d rather be Anywhere Else.

Friendship isn’t a Big thing, It’s a Million Little Things.

Friendship... is not Something You Learn in School.
But if You haven't Learned the meaning of Friendship, You really haven't Learned anything.

Life is meaningless if You don’t have a Best Friend.

One Loyal Friend is worth Ten Thousand Relatives..

Relation of Friendship is Greater than the Relation of Blood.

A True Friend will surely find a Reason to Love You even when You have done Something that You cannot mend..!!

Your Real Friends aren't the Ones You Spend the most Time with,
But the Ones You shares the most Memories with..!

A Friend is Some1 who gives You Total Freedom to be Yourself.

If I had to some Up Friendship in One Word, it would be Comfortable.

Good Friends are Like Stars. You don’t always See them, but You know they’re always there.

Some Like Goldenship, some Like Silvership but I Like One ship that is Friendship.

True Friends are the Greatest of all Blessings.

 The Most Important Part about Reaching the Highest Point in Friendship... Isn’t getting to the Top, It's Staying there.

True Friends… Face in the same Direction, Toward common Projects, Interests, Goals.

A Friend is Some1 who knows all about You and still Loves You.

Hanging Out with You is so Much Fun.

True Friends are Like Diamonds, Precious and Rare,

False Friends are Like Leaves Found Everywhere.

(20) Friendship is not about whom You have Known the Longest;
It is about who came and Never Left You Side.