Mother Teresa quotes do it anyway

by SmsLootere - Last Updated: August 12, 2015
Mother Teresa, the name is enough to identify her and how she lived her life with spreading and showing so much love to people. She spent her whole life for others, she gave her smile to others and she was always cheering up people and she always motivates people to live your life with peacefully and happily. Whenever you see her she was always smiling and whatever you ask her she was always reply with love and nicely. Our team has collected a collection of Mother Teresa quotes do it anyway, must read and share.

Mother teresa prayer and quotes about life

Let Us Always Meet each other with Smile, for the Smile is the beginning of Love.

If We Pray, We will Believe; If We Believe, We will Love; If We Love, We will Serve.

“Not all of Us can do Great things. But we can do Small things with Great Love.”

A Life not Lived for others is not a Life.

Prayer in Action is Love, Love in Action is Service.

I Alone cannot Change the World, but I can Cast a Stone Across the Waters to Create many Ripples.

Prayer is the Mortar that holds our House Together.

I’m just a Little Pencil in the Hand of a Writing God sending a Love Letter to the World.

We Learn Humility through Accepting Humiliations Cheerfully.

God Speaks in the Silence of the Heart. Listening is the Beginning of the Prayer.